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Exclusive: Scam artist Jerome Nisbett arrested in Emerson Georgia

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Scam artist and former client Jerome Alonzo Nisbett is pictured.

EMERSON, GEORGIA — Over the past two months, we have  unleashed a litany of reports on one of our former clients in a bid to seal his fate from ever getting services from another business. That client, Jerome Nisbett,  is a known and malicious scam-artist who is once again trying to scam a court out of monies he is not rightfully entitled to.

The Daily News has obtained police reports  on an incident that occurred in September when Nisbett, ehum, was arrested once again in the city of Emerson.  According to documents, he was reportedly pulled over for an apparent ticket — but then turned aggressive and violent towards the arresting officer.   He was then charged with assaulting an officer and obstruction of justice, apart, from his ticket.

It is believed Jerome may have been under the influence at the time.   As we’ve previously told you guys  about that particular former client, he, is a heavy alcohol drinker and weed smoker.


We have continued to share this information because the same situation continues to happen. Sources told The Daily News that Jerome is “harassing the courthouse in Emerson with records request for really no reason.  It appears that like before, and like previous news reports, that he is trying to claim he  is being racially discriminated against”.   That alone, ehum, is one of Jerome’s favorite claims to make even though it is farthest from the truth.

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Sources say that Jerome maintains that he is ‘being discriminated against because he is black”. Which isn’t the truth. Jerome has been either arrested and or fully involved in at least three other court cases where he has falsely claimed the same thing. All of those,  as of this writing, have been dropped after investigators across the spectrum have contacted our newsroom.

Do you have more information on Jerome Nisbett? We’d like to hear from you. Contact us at [email protected] 


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