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Russell Simmons sacked by his company after latest sexual assault claim

NEW YORK --  Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons has been dropped from all of his businesses amid a new sexual assault claim. According to screenwriter Jenny L., Simmons, sexually violated her in 1991 during a party they  both attended.   While Simmons has admitted that he was indeed with her on that night, he,  indirectly claimed that his recollection of events wasn't the same as hers -- but acknowledged her feelings of fear and intimidation were real. I have been informed with great anguish of Jenny Lumet’s recollection about our night together in 1991. I know Jenny and her family and have seen her several times over the years since the evening she described. While her memory of that evening is very different from mine, it is now clear to me that her feelings of fear and intimidation a...
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NBC: Matt Lauer ‘s sexual misdeeds happened at Sochi Olympics

Matt Lauer is an anchor no-more.    Just one day after his surprise firing, more details have surfaced about the complaint that reportedly got him sacked all together.  According to Variety, People, The New York Post, and the New York Times --   the allegations and complaints go way back to the Sochi Olympics in Russia. The allegations first started around 2014 per complaint papers reportedly obtained by multiple outlets.  NBC, ehum,  would confirm such this morning citing that they first themselves received the complaint Monday.   "We acted on it" says an anonymous rep for NBC who asked not to be named. The allegation appears to be the singular allegation of sexual assault, that, could potentially be dangerous for Lauer as it would still be in the statute of limitations (if present,...
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The latest on Matt Lauer ‘s sexual misconduct scandal: Top Story

It's official, in Hollywood, no man in power is immune from abusing his power.   Earlier this week, NBC announced that Matt Lauer has been fired from his post at the news station.  The firing reportedly came after numerous women came forward revealing that they had been sexually assaulted; harassed, or flat out demeaned by Lauer all together. The news sent shock-waves through the journalism community, mostly, because Lauer was once considered the creme of the crop in New York journalism.   Now,   new reports suggest that the issue may not have been isolated.   Reports published Thursday claim that Lauer "regularly cheated on his wife of 19 years"  and often behind her back. During the publication of this particular report, The Daily News, has received a statement from Matt Lauer ...
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Tomb of Jesus Christ reportedly discovered by scientists: Reports

JERUSALEM --   There's an interesting new  find in Israel, and, this one is sure to drive discussion. According to National Geographic,   scientists now believe that they have found the Tomb of Jesus Christ. Let's discuss. In AD 345, (in modern day it is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre)  Constantine the Great is believed to have traveled to  Jerusalem in search of practically anything to do with Jesus Christ.   At the time,  he ended up finding what has now become the church and what would become of a reported tomb inside of the church. That tomb, although no formal remains have been found to indicate Jesus was ever inside of it,  is in fact from AD 345. Scientists, per National Geographic, have ran several tests over recent weeks to determine if they could possibly find what...

Megan Markle will be baptized before royal wedding to Prince Harry: Report

LONDON --  More details are out on the wedding of Prince Harry and the future Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Announced Tuesday,   Prince Harry and Markle will wed at Windsor Castle , one of the Queen's many residences in  May of next year.   Kensington Palace confirmed the news and also revealed that  Markle will be baptized at the  Church of England before her marriage. The church, ehum, now allows divorcees to remarry (Markle is one). The duo will wed inside St. George's Chapel inside the Castle.  Per the Palace,  the royal family will foot the bill for their latest wedding.  
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Tobacco ads on American television are about to get a whole lot more confusing

Tobacco ads in the United States, uh, are about to get a whole lot more confusing.  According to a 1999 Supreme Court ruling, and a 2006 judgement,  tobacco companies are now being forced to finally comply with a particular order from a federal court.   That order, perhaps,  will now see their ads on television actually tell you how harmful their products are  in their entirety rather than just a minimal sense. The ruling came from judge Gladys Kessler, who,  lambasted tobacco companies across the spectrum for flat out deceiving the American public about the harmful consequences of their products. In the seething 1,600 page ruling, Kessler, ruled that the tobacco companies must comply with the new regulations. Those regulations regarding television ads and advertising spots began in...
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All the details about Meghan Markle, and, her royal title as Princess

Meghan Markle is now slated to be the latest member of the royal family, now, that her engagement to Prince Harry has been announced. According to Clarence House,    the two announced their engagement this morning as previously covered by The Daily News on social media. The Daily News has learned that per royal tradition, The Queen, will bestow a title on Markle and Harry the morning of their wedding (granted, she's still alive).     At that time, Markle, will assume her part in the royal family officially.    We've learned that   she is scheduled to be called the Duchess of Sussex,  Her Royal Highness. The couple reportedly got engaged in London earlier this month, only, making it public this morning  in front of camera crews from around the world outside Kensington Palace....
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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle are engaged to be married: Kensington Palace

LONDON --  Kensington Palace has finally announced that Prince Harry and his  American girlfriend Meghan Markle are indeed engaged to be married.  According to  the couple, they are set to marry in the Spring for the first time.   This mornings photocall in the sunken gardens inside the Palace,  was, the first time the two have publicly discussed their pending nuptials.  The nuptials will take place in London in the Spring of 2018. The couples engagement makes Markle a Princess,  whose title,  has yet to actually be determined by the royal family or Kensington Palace.   Meanwhile, others, are already betting on when Harry and  Markle will have their first child.
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Time Magazine fires back at Trump ‘s own claims about magazine

Mostly, uh, those about being Person of the Year.   Over the weekend, Trump claimed that Time Magazine called and pretty much "told him he was probably" going to be person of the year. All the while, Time Magazine, says that isn't the case and that is not how their selection process works. Trump, however, apparently revels in the magazine's recognition.   In actuality,  the magazine  doesn't choose its person until 6 December when it becomes publicly announced for the first time.  Time said in a statement that "The recognition isn't necessarily a positive one, but rather, a reflection of ones influence".  

Hot Today: Glee Star Naya Rivera charged with domestic battery, the latest

CHESAPEAKE,  W. VIRGINIA --  Former Glee star Naya Rivera isn't having a very good kickoff to her week. Over the weekend,  the former  Glee star was charged with domestic battery in relation to an incident with her husband Ryan Dorsey. According to police reports obtained by The Daily News, Dorsey, claims that he was struck in the head and then assaulted by Rivera while on a stroll with their child. Dorsey,  went on to claim in the police report that he had video evidence of the attack.  How, ehum,  wasn't quite noted in the report.   Reports indicate that the two have had issues within their marriage since at least last year, when, Rivera, notably nearly divorced Rivera.  
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ALERT: New information out on missing Sarasota teenage boy

This is a Daily News Alert about a missing Sarasota Florida teenage boy who  has now been revealed to have witnessed a gruesome murder.  The boy disappeared 4 September according to police reports seen by The Daily News Sunday night.  If you have seen this boy, or, know his whereabouts,  please call police immediately. It is believed he is in grave danger. According to the report,  14-year-old Jabez Spann witnessed the 28 August murder of 31-year-old  Travis Combs.   Combs, was shot dead and the boy disappeared days later.   Both parts of the police report are a bit murky as they involve multiple pastors,  and,  one particular pastor who  is believed to contain information about  Comb's murder. Spann attended a family BBQ on September 4, disappearing, hours later. He has been ...
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Bali volcano erupts, 60k travelers stranded as threat level raised to highest level

BALI, INDONESIA --   Troubling news in Bali.   Bali authorities have confirmed that Mount Agung has erupted and the international airport on the island has been closed.  Upwards of 60,000 travelers are stranded because the threat level has risen to the highest possible level, as, police are unsure what may happen next. The airport is scheduled to remain closed until Tuesday,  as, the situation will be reviewed every six hours to ensure travelers can get out of the country at the soonest sight of convenience.
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Generous N.J man pays off $10,000 in Toys R Us holiday layaways

JERSEY --  Happy holidays to 62 New Jersey residents, courtesy, of one strange man  who decided he wanted to pay off the bill for some holidays toys. According to local news reports,   a man walked into a local New Jersey   with a mission: to buy some toys for his son for the holidays. But, what happened next, was a holiday miracle.  Store officials say that the man  reportedly walked into layaway and on top of buying his own things, he, paid upwards of $10,800 in layaway bills for others. The man was only identified as Charlie K.
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Russia declares all international journalists foreign agents

MOSCOW --  Interesting developments in Russia today,  and,  on the same day practically that Donald Trump has now said CNN misrepresents the United States on an international scale. Putin, reportedly signed the foreign agents media bill into law, a bill, that requires all journalists (internationally, including this very newspaper) to register as foreign agents. The first news outlets to be hit by the order were CNN;  The Daily Mail,  CNN International,  Germany's main broadcaster, several European radio and news agencies.  The list is expected to keep growing as news of the media bill continues to make its way to the public.  
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