If you haven’t been living under an anti-social-media rock in the past 24 hours, ehum, you’ve probably by now heard of the photographs of Kenneka Jenkins dead in the freezer in which she was found.  The photographs (view them here: content warning)  depict a Kenneka who may have actually been the victim of foul play in some way (whether big or small).

Jenkins,  is pictured with one shoe missing; her breasts exposed, and her pants pulled just slightly down.   The Rosemont Police Department claims that this was caused by “paradoxial undressing” which can occur in certain cases of hypothermia deaths (but that honestly doesn’t  look like what happened here based on crime scene photos..).  The Rosemont Police Department,   ehum, managed to close the  case Friday maintaining that she was not murdered — and then just conveniently decided to acknowledge the existence of the crime scene photographs that paint a whole different story.

Meanwhile, lawyers for the family of Jenkins have called the release of the photos “shocking” and are “disgusted” that the police department would ever release the photo.

We still stand by our original reporting regarding this young woman’s death.  This was no accident. These photos prove that.

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