A note regarding Rhueban Schmidt and Misty Copsey

I hold no regrets for publishing this Rhueban. You are largely a big part of the reason our family fell apart. Here, he is pictured in one of his many mugshots.


On 13 May 2014 I was told by my family for the first time that Rhueban did indeed own a Yellow Cordoba during the 1990’s.   He owned the vehicle throughout the time in which he shared his then apartment with his roommates.  The car would later go on to be believed to have been destroyed, but,  family members have long had reason to believe it was sold.  I have long had reason to believe it was bought by my biological father Elson Narvaez (who disappeared shortly after Misty did and shortly after Rhueban was first accused.  At the time, the car would never be seen again after Elson fled..). whom, is also a convicted rapist and sexual predator. 

The night Misty disappeared, Rhueban, was not only seen leaving his apartment but was  seen at the Puyallup Fair by his sister.    The next day, 14 May 2014, I was told about my grandmother Vera for the first time. Vera, quietly owned a farm/ranch like property just outside of Buckley/Eatonville in that area.   This would be one of the last places Rhueban would mysteriously show up at after claiming he had no gas, but left his apartment and ended up more than 20 miles from his home.

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