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A new nightmare Healthcare Bill is making its way through D.C

WASHINGTON — A new nightmare healthcare bill is making its way through the Capital today, and, we’ve got the skinny on the Lindsay Graham introduced bill.   Some headlines are declaring that the Affordable Care Act is “truly in danger” while others, uh, are shrugging their shoulders at yet another act-of-self-destruction at the hands of the GOP.

Let’s begin.

  • The new bill would take money meant for insurance subsidies and Medicaid and then turn it into block grants for states. Ultimately, giving states the right to build their own healthcare system. (Given other issues in states, we could imagine that such would be a cherrypicking nightmare from hell..).
  • The plan would ax the restriction on insurers charging absurd premiums for those with pre-existing conditions.
  • Senator Rand Paul is already at a hard no (he wants a full repeal).
  • All it would take is three GOPers to say NO to tank their latest hopes of sending Obamacare into the history books.

The New York Times editorial board came out swinging against the plan today. Mostly, because it would cut if not entirely end the subsidies that assist people in getting the coverage that they need.  Furthermore, it would all-together end the expansion of Medicaid.

The Washington Post rounds up why it may pass the Senate, but, likely won’t pass the House.



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