SHK explains why he won’t date someone outside of his race

SHK is pictured in a snapshot from his Facebook in 2017.
SHK is pictured in a snapshot from his Facebook in 2017.

This is edition #2 in the Revealing SHK: The Man Behind The Newspaper  that we started earlier this month. This week, we, asked readers to submit the one question they wanted to know most.  That being, apparently, why SHK is viciously against dating someone who may be  white..

The response, may, be something that many wouldn’t of expected.  Answering this week’s question, we, collected the answer from SHK himself.

“I was mentally and emotionally beaten by people who were different from me for so many years. I was trained; taught, and made to believe that I was a white person when in fact I was a person of color.  I was forbidden from being with, or, acting the part of a person of color or another black person.  I had one singular boyfriend of color growing up, and, it didn’t sit well.  It opened my eyes to the hatred that my family carried for others, others, who weren’t the same as they were: deeply and vividly white.   The distress that this caused me reverted any interest I had in white men, because, I was always forced to date them rather than have a choice to date them”.

“I was mentally taught to understand that according to the beliefs of my family, color was bad. That color meant negativity; thug, crime,  bad things. It was not until much later in life that I became astutely committed to men of color”.

Next week, SHK, will discuss his  his refusal to removal the “top or bottom” label in the gay community, and how, that has changed his outlook on relationships.

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