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Marine Le Pen secretly received massive funding from Vladamir Putin: #MacronGate

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Just weeks before what is now known as Macron Gate, Marine Le Pen, secretly received massive funding and “backing” from none other than  Vladamir Putin. Financial and bank documents obtained by The Daily News in regards to  Le Pen, indicate, that Le Pen received upwards of “millions”  in financial investments from   Putin.

The investment payments began in  the Spring of 2016.  They came in multiple payments, and, sometimes multiple times a month.  According to intelligence sources with information on the matter,  Putin, apparently hopes that Le Pen ‘s win will help him cement ire in the West, something, he has been trying to do for years.  We are working to authenticate claims that Le Pen secretly visited Russia multiple times last year, while, having denied such to others.

The investments started  way back in at least 2016, when, Le Pen secretly became close and cozy with  Russia.   Over the course of a year or so, Le Pen, has been graciously painted as a “global leader” in Russian state backed media ahead of the actual French elections.

Le Pen ‘s connection to Russia is (“eerily”) similar to Donald Trump ‘s own connection to Russia.   A dossier obtained by The Daily News shows that for some time, at least more than 4 years, Le Pen has been “groomed by Russia to become a global leader”.

Her secret meetings with Russia and its leader last year are now a focal important point as the French elections loom. Her actual ties to Russia date back as far as 2001, when, she took over the Nationalist Party from her father Jean-Marie.  In March, again this year, she also reportedly secretly met with  Vladamir Putin (but only acknowledged such after the news media caught onto the visit).

Vladamir Putin ‘s goal?  Dissent in the west.  The documents paint a very grim relationship between Le Pen and Russia, who,  has never confirmed nor denied her involvement with Russia.

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