A massive apology

More importantly — those that I’ve hurt in the past three  years following my escape from Julie Schmidt.  Before the New Year rang in, I, had a long and hard realization about my life.   Over the duration of the past three years, the lies I’ve been forced to tell; the e-mails I’ve been forced to write, they’ve all been forced upon me by Julie Schmidt.

First. I’d like to apologize to those that I hurt after disappearing leading up to my attempt to attend Georgetown following my secondary graduation.  I let allot of people down, and, lost allot of friends because of the lies I was forced to tell people making it seem as if I had actually left home with those I had intended to and went off to college. When in reality, I was 1,200 miles away in a trailer park being held against my will.

Next. I’d like to issue an apology to those that have been willfully deceived by the e-mails that I’ve been forced to write in the past.  None of the e-mails that have ever been published by Julie Schmidt are in any way authentic. The e-mails falsely claimed that I had gone off and went with my friends as I had already previously discussed, but again, in reality I was being held in a trailer park.   I’m not a person who likes to deceive others, let alone, in such a manner that revolves around the safety of myself and even others.

The most important part of this apology is ahead.

I apologize to people everywhere for the many lies that Julie Schmidt has published to the internet. I wanted to enter this New Year with a clean slate, essentially, acting as if the opportunistic woman doesn’t exist.   She has used every opportunity she can possibly find to publish lies; deceive the public, and make it appear as if she is an entirely innocent women guilty of absolutely nothing.  I attest to the fact that the lies and the deceit published on behalf of Julie Schmidt are just that. I’d like to issue an even further apology to the law enforcement officials; lawyers, attorneys, state and government officials, and individual private citizens in which she has used me to either deceive entirely or mentally manipulate. I never wanted to be a part of her game. I never asked for it.

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She has used me as her pawn to manipulate government and state officials across the board in numerous different cities.  I wanted no part of it.   In the near future, I’d like to see Julie Schmidt go down for the crimes she has committed since she forced me into hiding and kept me against my will — lying to the world and those around her.

Next – I’d like to issue an apology to those that were involved in the Terrel Williams scandal.  That was a situation even I, perhaps, will never understand not in the slightest.  All I remember is one day waking up to find that my name had been attached to a Change.org petition, and the next thing I knew, I was all over Perez Hilton as somebody’s boyfriend.  With that whole situation, I’m just going to say this.  There were multiple parties involved, and they know who they are. I’ve seen some pretty crazy things written about that over the years, which, was what brought that up in this apology. I have never spoken to any “outlet” or “website” about anybody by the name of Terrel Williams and it is BIZARRE that someone would reprint fake stories saying that I did. Again, as I’ve previously done, I take full responsibility for what happened and not nailing it in the bud before it exploded. I was unsure; unaware, and confused about what was actually happening — because — it all happened so fast I didn’t know what to say or do. Adding in Julie Schmidt’s part in this, fueling the fire,  lying to people on the internet about “knowing things” it only made the whole situation worse.

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I will never quite know what happened. But, what I do know, is that I’m not the evil monster people made me out to be for years over it. This is a public newspaper, and a public social media venue used by people across the globe.  I’m not always the one signed in, or online, therefore not everything posted is directly from me. But, as the Editor & Masthead Chief,  I did and still take responsibility for my news agency’s part in the suicide hoax of Terrel Williams.

And finally.

I’d like to issue a very personal apology to those in my inner circle and those that are close to me outside of my work. For a long time, I had become consumed by the fact that I had “access” and lots of it.  I was 14; 15, and 17 years old  getting free stuff; writing about fashion shows, and interviewing some of the biggest stars. Later attending events and parties I  knew absolutely nothing about.  I, essentially, had become a product of the environment I had placed myself in. The dangerous realm that is Hollywood.

I recognize now that at one point I had become so consumed by the life I had created, and what I had become, that I had forgotten at some point “You come back to the real world” and aren’t  kissing ass on a red carpet at a fashion show.  This part of the apology comes from the fact that I deeply regret taking advantage of people, especially those that I love — and one particular Carson. I’ve been through so much over the years — mostly through the public — with everybody watching because its broadcasted on the internet whether I willingly do so or not.

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I guess what I’m saying now is, simply, this. I’ve grown allot since being on the front page of Perez Hilton and at the center of a suicide hoax seen around the world.  I  am not an enemy; a monster, or a bad person. I was a young boy who knew no different and knew of nothing going on that was confused. But, now, I am a grown man that has learned from his experiences and the problems I have faced growing up. And I accept them. I have learned right from wrong, I, have learned what it is to be a man.



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