Reflecting on 2015 — Happy New Year To You All

There are just a few hours left in 2015, and what a year it has been. Over the past year, I’ve been on quite the ride — mostly — struggling to come to terms with the fact that I am a target; victim, and a punching bag. But, in 2016, I plan to change that. I will no longer allow the things that have occurred in 2015, to follow me, into essentially what I hope to be a better year than the last.

In 2015 I found myself being targeted by an erroneous individual by the name of  Julie Schmidt. I spent the year becoming her punching bag;  the victim of her crimes,  the target of her harassment.  This year has singularly taught me that the more successful you become, perhaps, the more enemies you make. In almost 12 years, I never realized that, until Julie Schmidt refused by all accounts on this planet to leave me alone.

The horrific acts I have been through in 2015, have, essentially opened my eyes to one thing I never paid much attention to before: Mental Illness. Mental Illness in America is a dangerous thing, and, it is often an ignored thing. It shouldn’t be. Julie Schmidt is only one of millions of examples of Americans who desperately need help, but, have either no access or aren’t required to undergo screening to help themselves before its too late.

I will not back down. The world will know what this crazy lunatic has done to me. And by all means, I will tell the world with a smile.

There’s such a large stigma around mental illness, and, this year has shown me that. For same strange reason, people tend to feel that getting mentally checked  makes them “crazy” or like they will lose out on parts of their lives if others find out. No, that’s not the case.

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Getting checked mentally is just as important as getting checked sexually every three months no matter where you are.  Its called manifestation, a manifesto, it builds. It grows. It can become deadly if ignored.  And that’s how I view Julie Schmidt, she is on a dangerous path to becoming deadly, and there’s nobody there to help her.  I can’t go near her because she is a threat to my personal safety and well-being, and opt to stay away from her.


The Internet


While innovation and such have grown in 2015, the “liberties” people abuse (i.e freedom of speech etc) have taken to the internet in forms never seen before.  The internet has become one of the biggest “evils” we have in our daily lives, because, we have websites on the internet that will host whatever someone posts (whether its true or not) and then reject to remove it until a court order can be served to do such.

Civil liberties and “Constitutional Rights” in the United States are so heavily abused they are almost a laughable joke.  They use to be things that protected the rights of others and made for a peaceful society, but, now they are nothing more than a list of things that help others advance their personal agendas whether it hurts another person or not. I’ve learned that.  I’ve been called a: prostitute, a gigolo, a tax evader, a convict, a document thief, a whore, my personal information has been stolen — and — this has all been posted on the internet. (You can probably guess by Julie Schmidt).

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I say these things about the internet because the same cheesy half-ass response i get demanding that websites remove the lies that have been published about me is pretty just that: half-ass.

“We take freedom of speech seriously, and without a court order, we cannot order the removal of any content hosted on our websites”.

I can’t speak for others, but, I can speak for Julie Schmidt. In situations like this, perhaps, Julie Schmidt believes that she is afforded the right to viciously harass; slander, and post whatever she feels like on the internet because “she has a right” to do so. No, the internet nor her “Constitutional Rights” grant her a right to do the things she has done to me and done for years. In 2016, I plan to put a stop to it.

I’ve learned this year, that, certain people will target you based on your status and what they perceive they can get out of you.  For once,  I am not afraid to stick up for myself and everything I have ever worked for. By all accounts,  the problems I have had with the internet this year (circa Julie Schmidt) have amounted to one large belief: She is both a scam and a con artist.


Financial well being

This year, I’ve heard probably more interesting rumors about myself than I probably have ever thought could possibly come about. Some of them range from prostitution, while, others go all the way to claim that I sleep with older men for money and  extravagant things for myself. Both of which are largely untrue and vindictive.  These rumors were started, like the others, by Julie Schmidt. I have never slept with someone for personal gain, only, the usual: pleasure.

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I’m not sure why my personal life is such an interest to others, especially Julie, when I know much of nothing about the woman — but she — essentially thinks she knows every thing about me down to my own finances.




To wrap up this mini year in review of my own personal experiences in 2015, I’d like to say one thing. Julie Schmidt is a vindictive; lying, scam/con artist, who uses her disabilities and mental illnesses for her own personal gain and to harm others. She largely believes she is above the law because she is dangerously ill, therefore, claims that any time she gets caught harassing others or threatened with the law — she claims that her “so called rights” are being violated.

I attest to the writings in this article. Also, I’d like to send a message to anybody who encounters this woman. Run the other way.  By no means can this woman be trusted, at all, ever.  She is a danger to herself, and others, and most especially children.  She refuses to get help, and, that has caused her manifestation of illnesses to grow even larger — which — is widely evidenced by her hundreds of internet postings every other week.

Happy New Year! 🙂

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