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Russia wants America to extradite supposed criminals to the federation, but that could be a bad idea altogether

Ahead of Joe Biden and Vladamir Putin meeting to discuss a number of things --- Russia 's Vladamir Putin has openly claimed that he is willing to work with the bewildered American President. Work that some say appears to be yet another case of manipulation by the Russian leader, who, is widely known for his tactics to secure what he wants and then turn his back on others. Russian State media reports that Putin made the comments ahead of the meeting. Comments that appear to suggest that Putin is ready and willing to extradite supposed Russian hackers (those that hacked the U.S meat plant and the gas line for example) to the United States. For Russia to complete such a mission though, Putin claims that America must be willing to do the same for any Americans or others accused of...

Sex & The City’s reboot has officially begun production

The iconic sitcom that brought the world Cynthia Nixon; Sarah Jessica Parker, and numerous others is sort of back. According to The Guardian, And Just Like That has begun production in New York City for the first time including much of the original cast. The only cast member that will not actually make the cut is that of Samantha Jones -- the hot-to-trot sex siren decidedly opted out of the reboot for personal reasons and a feud with Parker. Parker confirmed the news on Instagram She captioned the Instagram snap: “Together again. Read through our first episodes. Alongside all the fellas and our newest cast members. Like an ice cream sundae.”
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Biden has declared the site of the Pulse Nightclub terrorist attack a national monument

5 years ago -- the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando once a bustling nightlife hotspot became the location of the worst attack on LGBTQ+ people in American history. 53 injured and more than 43 killed in what became a targeted attack of pure hatred. Five years later the American government is now signaling that it is time to make the Pule nightclub a national memorial for those lives lost. A memorial that some say is a welcoming idea in present day considering LGBTQ+ people are under attack more than ever in the United States. To mark the anniversary of the massacre -- U.S President Joe Biden made the following statement to political magazines arguing that it is long overdue that the U.S tackle its rising gun violence problem.  "We must also acknowledge gun violence's particular impa...

NBC has halted production of Slip N’ Slide because somebody has really bad diarrhoea

Two things are certain here diarrhoea and water slides are two things that should never be in close proximity. According to The Wrap, NBC has halted production of the summer show over the discovery of giardia nearby in the area of production. Giardia is a parasite like infection that you guessed it causes obscene problems in the bathroom. It is unclear if the show will actually be delayed because of the discovery, but, giardia is no joke. If one eats; consumes, or even drinks water contaminated with the tiny parasite --- may the force be on their side.

China claims to have found 24 more versions of the Coronavirus in bats that CAN infect humans

One thing is for certain the world probably has had enough of the Coronavirus, but, if mother nature is anything to go by we certainly haven’t seen the last of the infamous virus. But new reports out of China insist that there are at least 24 more species of the Coronavirus that are very much capable of jumping to humans just like the last strain did. According to Chinese media reports, Chinese scientists and researchers inside the infamous Wuhan institute are now claiming that the world may not be out of the water just yet. Species and samples were reportedly collected between May 2019 and November 2020 as suspicions had initially grown over the source of the original species of the Coronavirus. The species that still largely remains unknown and has killed scores of people ...

Klarna Killer: A PA woman has been charged after trying to order a murder hit on her hubby on an installment plan

A Pennsylvania woman is finding out the hard way that some things just don’t belong on slayaway. According to Pennsylvania authorities, one Claudia Carrion, 44. believed that her husband was abusing her and her family. Her charges read as criminal solicitation for homicide. Though there was no direct evidence of that when police got immediately involved. According to police reports, Carrion was dumb enough to hire an undercover detective on a $100/week layaway plan for 40 weeks to carry out the assassination. She was arrested immediately after a change of hands with the monies. Carrion reportedly admitted to cops last Friday thar she used 5 $20 bills but the rest would come later. In case it couldn’t get any worse — she also admitted that such was not the first time...
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A scientist has revealed a marvelous way we may find alien life, but it could be more telling than humanity may be ready for

Scientists are out yet again with new reports on how humanity may discover the existence of alien life. This time though their revelation seems a little more possible than the last. Researchers are out this week with another marvelous clue in the hunt for intelligent life. According to researchers, humanity may need to point their focus for alien life to none other than Dyson Spheres. Dyson Spheres were first explored in the astronomy community in 1960 by researcher Freeman J. Dyson. What Freeman Dyson did in his Dyson sphere paper is of course point out that, actually, we might want to look for industrial activities that are not intended to communicate,' Anders Sandberg said in an interview with Vice.   'It's just that [aliens] create structures that we w...
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A Pakistani province is blocking people’s cellphones in a desperate effort to get them vaccinated

Though cutting off access to vital services including access to one’s SIM card may not go as planned. According to the government, the province of Punjab is blocking access to SIM cards used by locals in an effort to demand that they get vaccinated. Unvaccinated residents are also being blocked from almost every walk of life including entering other buildings that aren’t their homes. Dunya News has more amid an outcry from locals who argue that such may be a step too far.

Iranian warships carrying cargo for Venezuela have illegally crossed into the Atlantic: Report

There may be big trouble brewing in international waters. According to published reports out today, the Iranian government has released a series of warships into the Atlantic reportedly headed for Venezuela. The move is directly against warnings from almost every western government in existence today including that of the United States. According to Iranian state T.V, the Iranians are maintaining that the warships are meant to deliver arms and oil to the sanction hit Venezuela. It is unclear if they will actually make it to the country amid American pushback regarding the moves. The ships are called the  Sahand and the intelligence-gathering vessel Makran both of which appear to have set sail for Venezuela in the past 30 days. Nicolas Maduro ‘s regime denied any involveme...

El Chapo ‘s wife has completely turned on him admits to being a co-conspirator in his legendary prison break

El Chapo may be behind bars but his name is still garnering headlins around the world. According to federal prosecutors in the United States, Emma (Chapo ‘s wife) has confessed to being a key figure in his famous 2015 escape. She has also reportedly confessed to almost every part of being a co-caption in the drug cartel that made Chapo a household name to begin with. Officials report that Emma Coronel Aispuro is set to be sentenced in September and may face up to 11 years though likely will serve far less time. Per terms of her deal, Aispuro will be given leniency as provided by the prosecutors so long as she assists in further investigations. Chapo himself remains in federal prison in Colorado whereas he will die behind bars. Emma openly admitted to drug trafficking and mo...

A woman is in jail this week after she set her hubby on fire because she thought he poisoned her chicken wings

We’d like to remind people that setting someone on fire is never the answer even if the suspicion may be warranted. The woman appears to have taken a page out of Left Eye’s notebook. According to police, a 29-year-old Milwaukee woman is in jail today after apparently setting her husband on fire amdi claims that she thought he poisoned her chicken wings at dinner. The incident per police reports obtained by Bazaar Daily News show that on 2 June Tuhonsty Marie Smith was arrested on charges of arson, recklessly endangering safety and causing mayhem. Smith on that day allegedly waited until her hubby fell asleep in their home to light his head on fire because she was truthfully convinced that he had poisoned the very chicken wings they had eaten together earlier. The most curre...
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Magazine boss Anna Wintour is under fire as protesters stage “Fair Pay” fiasco outside of massive NYC mansion

BOSSES WEAR PRADA, WORKERS GET NADA? Sprawling seens today in New York City outside of Anna Wintour ‘s $12.5m mansion-like townhouse. According to reports, protesters by the numbers from across Conde Nast gathered outside Wintour ‘s home amid reports that staffers are dramatically underpaid for their world renowned work. Many of Conde Nast ‘s publications are some of the most famous publications in modern media. Anna Wintour does not exactly oversee the New Yorker (which appears to be the most prominent Conde Nast magazine protesting) though she is widely seen as the proxy figurhead in the situation. The magazine is actually overseen by a man named David, though many are targeting Wintour because she’s become obscenely rich working for Conde Nast. Many of the demands are ...

The 25 richest Americans have paid next to nothing in taxes over the past decade

A Propublica investigation out today paints a compelling point about the fight to force billionaires to pay more taxes against their obscene wealth. In the investigation, Propublica obtained IRS data dating back several years that appears to show even people like Warren Buffett (who wants the rich to pay more taxes) hasn’t paid much in taxes himself at all. The same investigation revealed that the richest of the rich saw their wealth grow by more than $401B between 2014 and 2018 alone. Despite the obscene growth in American wealth, many of them paid no more than 0.10% in taxes against their wealth. A highlight of the report has found that at the time and during that period —- people like Jeff Bezos not only obtained tax credits for his children but managed to evade taxes (legall...
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Jeff Bezos is going to space next month, it could either be extraordinary or go horribly wrong

But many are hoping that the billionaire Amazon founder broadcasts his entire adventure. As announced today, the U.S technocrat announced that he and his brother will be headed to Space next month to explore the edge of outer space. As it is understood —- the edge of outer space is just before the next Universe may or may not begin. The Blue Origin flight is one of many in the coming months and years as civilians and others are readying for the chance to go to space. With the advancement of extraordinary technology —- a sightseeing trip to space isn’t entirely out of the question in many of our lifetimes these days.
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