Imagine finding an intruder living in your attic, that’s what happened to this Australian Mum
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Imagine finding an intruder living in your attic, that’s what happened to this Australian Mum

There 's breaking and entering and then there's cozying up in an attic that is someone else's. A Queensland Mum is making headlines this weekend after a terrifying discovery led her to re-evaluate the security in her home. According to 9News Australia, Monica Green found out the hard way that what she thought was a whole lot of nothing in her ceiling -- was in fact an intruder secretly living in her attic. An intruder that she hadn't even known had broken into her home to begin with. 9 News Australia Monica Green of Queensland, discovered an intruder has been living in her roof after she nearly caught them. 9News Australia 9 Australia reports that Green returned home from a doc appointment on Monday to make the startling discovery. A discovery that she acknowledged she only f...

Where the Lawsuit Resides: Soulja Boy is being sued for rape; imprisonment, and a whole lotta lotta

Rapper Soulja Boy (if you'll still call him such) is making headlines this week for every reason one would hope they never do. According to documents unearthed by People Magazine, Soulja Boy is being sued for pretty much being an alleged rapist and pervert who entrapped his former assistant before allegedly having pulled a gun on her. Soulja Boy is allegedly the type that doesn't like a woman to have social media or a phone that actually rings. "He would become enraged and controlling" when she would receive comments on her IG page reads part of the document. The same woman, identified only as Jane Doe, claims in the documents that she was often subjected to a less than healthy work environment; was not paid the appropriate wages she worked for, and of course the unwanted sexu...
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Republicans are now blaming *all* Americans for the Capitol Riot siege *they* took part in

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy once again has shown that he is an expert in shoving his foot in his mouth. In an interview expected to air on U.S television on Sunday, McCarthy is set to claim that "all" Americans in the country bear some responsibility for the incitement of the riots that Republicans and Trump supporters took part in. Riots that led to the unlawful siege of the United States Capitol. The interview is set to air tomorrow with Gray Television's Greta Van Susteren. In the same interview, which is laughably bizarre, McCarthy goes on to claim that he does not support the articles of impeachment against Joe Biden brought on by Q-supporter Marjorie Taylor Green. I called her. I disagree with that. That's exactly what the Democrats did with President Trump, an...
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A missile attack has been reported in Saudi Arabia: Report

American embassy workers in Saudi Arabia have been placed on high alert amid reports of a missile attack. The Saudi Arabian government has come out warning locals and Americans at a city Embassy this weekend. That warning appears to come from the fact that it is believed that the country 's years-long war against the Yemeni Rebels is heating up once again. Kingdom officials reportedly confirmed on Saturday that a blast did indeed happen over Riyadh (the capital city) although didn't say much else. The AP reports that thankfully the missile attack was intercepted without any reported casualties. The Houthis (that's the rebels here guys) have held the Yemeni city of Sanaa since at least 2014. It is unclear if they were actually behind the missile attack as they have not cl...

Broadcast legend #LarryKing has died at 87

While no cause of death has been provided to the public it is no secret that King recently began battling COVID-19. On Saturday, U.S reports confirmed that the half-a-century everyday broadcaster ruled American conversation. King, 87, was equally perhaps best known for his love of suspenders. Born in 1933 as Harvey Zeiger, King would go on to become one of the longest serving broadcasters ever. During his career, it was estimated that he conducted more than 50k interviews. Interviews that contained everybody from celebs to world leaders. He is survived by his kids and leaves behind a vast American legacy.

Kentucky may remove AG Daniel Cameron thanks to shocking impeachment petition

Daniel Cameron is a hated man in Kentucky and it could get much worse. As it turns out Kentucky 's AG Daniel Cameron may in fact be held to account for his controversial relationship with justice. According to WFPL, Cameron is now the subject of a reported petition to have him removed and impeached as the Attorney General of Kentucky. Three grand jurors who sat on the trial over the murder of Breonna Taylor (although it was later found not to be such) have called out Cameron for his gross dishonesty; misuse of public funds, and flat out misleading others about the jury's position. Allot of the controversy surrounding the proposed impeachment represents the larger fact that Cameron knowingly misled the public and others about how the jurors stood. By stood, we're referen...
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Marjorie Taylor Green is dangerous as hell and it will only get worse

Georgian rep Marjorie Taylor Green exhibits one hard truth about right-wing America: they will say and do anything so long as it makes their ilk seem like the victim. According to reports, Media Matters has unearthed Facebook comments dating back a few years ago where Green decided to downplay school shootings in America. The comments of course go hand-in-hand with anti gun control advocates who go to fairly extreme lengths to deny those types of things happen. MM notes that the comments surround particularly that of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre which saw 17 people murdered when a gunman opened fire during broad daylight. Green claimed in the comments that the shooting was a "false flag" apparently led by some sort of Democratic cabal . In the same comme...
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QAnon followers now say Trump betrayed them as many are preparing to stand trial for federal charges

QAnon the bizarre far-right conspiracy theory movement plaguing much of common-sense America has recently found itself front-and-centre. When the Capitol Riots took place, the QAnon movement was front-and-centre as many had claimed the reason for the riot was in fact to overthrow the so-called cabal they claim runs America. Those very same people are now struggling to wiggle their way out of trials and federal charges that have the potential to put some of them behind bars for as little as a few years and some for decades. Enter: Jacob Chansley, 33, the unemployed Trump supporter who calls himself the QAnon Shaman. According to reports, Chansley (whom is in jail without bail) is now claiming that Donald Trump betrayed the far-right movement by not remaining in office even a...

Cruise line now says only vaccinated people can now sail

In a way it makes sense but in other ways it almost inevitably will keep some customers away. According to British cruiseline operator, Saga Cruises, passengers must now be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before they're allowed to travel. The requirement comes after a dismal year for the cruise industry -- which often had remained one of the most battered industries in the world due to the virus. Saga Cruises however did not anticipate an influx of responses some good and bad and temporarily this week privated their Twitter account. According to CNN, Saga maintains that the move in part is because many of the first customers readying to once again take to the seas were among the first groups of people offered the vaccine.
Teen in Duluth GA arrested for scamming $1M from local Kroger
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Teen in Duluth GA arrested for scamming $1M from local Kroger

But many have been left wondering what exactly does Kroger sell that would ever even come to equal $1m. According to police in Duluth Georgia, Tre Brown used his gig at a local Kroger to apparently create fake returns and then put them on numerous credit cards as a result (it is unclear where he got that many credit cards.) He was initially arrested on 14 January after store workers noticed the false transactions. Tre Brown GA: Teen scams Kroger out of almost $1 million Brown per police documents is accused of faking returns to the tune of $75 to over $87,000 each. A substantial amount of money has since been returned to the store -- but again -- many are still wondering what they sell that equals such a sum.
You can stop saying #Bidenerasedwomen
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You can stop saying #Bidenerasedwomen

That reason of course being hidden transphobia that otherwise wouldn't be acknowledged if one was sitting in a room across from Brenda. On Thursday, it was revealed for the first time that Biden signed a series of executive orders reportedly designed to include transgender girls in sports at school. A move of course that has ignited debate and discussion but mostly ignorance surrounding the idea that transgender people exist whether cis people like it or not. Much of the controversy surrounding the idea of transgender girls in "cis" sports sits between the idea that they'd be more athletic than others. Critics oddly are arguing that the move somehow "erases' cis women when that isn't the case at all. There is however ample speculation that public school funding could be for...
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Trump lost out to Biden when it came to the inauguration viewers

Despite having a limited in person audience it turns out Joe Biden still knows how to draw a crowd. According to Nielsen, Biden 's at-home "crowd" topped a 4% increase from the total number of viewers or "watchers" that Trump had in 2017. The scoring network reports that some 39.87m people tuned in to watch the inauguration on at least one of the big six media networks on broadcast television. The number is at least 4% higher than that of Trump 's inauguration which had roughly 38.5m in seats to watch him at the point. Essentially the only difference between then and now would in fact be the pandemic. Variety has more stats and expects the number to be dramatically higher once streamers are tabulated and accounted for.
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An American LGBTQ couple tried to play the Indonesian government, Bali said full stop and deported them

A word to the wise for those traveling overseas -- you probably shouldn't attempt to play cat-and-mouse with a foreign government. This week an American LGBTQ couple learned that the hard way as they were reportedly deported for violating multiple likely laws and customs in Bali. Yes we're talking about that now infamous thread. The thread has been deleted as it appears but of course Twitter managed to archive it before it got away. The woman has been identified as Kristen Gray of course an American tourist-y influencer who assumed life in a different country was the way to live her life without actually following the rules. Gray initially managed to live under the radar for quite some time, but, in the ...
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Judge rules Amazon does not have to reinstate Parler in dramatic move against extremism

The fight to get Parler back on Amazon web services might string along for quite some time. According to reports, a federal judge has ruled that at least for now the web-hosting company does not have to reinstate Parler. That decision comes from mostly obvious reasons considering Amazon 's Terms of Service were always pretty clear. However despite the ruling, Judge Barbra Rothstein ruled only in part to the injunction but did not dismiss what she called Parler 's apparent credible concerns otherwise. It is the latest page-turner in a battle for what right-wing Americans are calling their right to post as they feel inciting violence or not. Amazon maintains that the reason why Parler was taken down in fact is because they had an agreement that no such violent content would be host...
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In first big move, Biden issues tighter COVID rules and a mask mandate

On his first full day in office -- President Biden made it clear that one of his distinct missions is to beat back the Coronavirus as best America can do at this point. According to NBC News, Biden signed a series of executive orders that mandate mask use; increase funding for states to get better at vaccinating their populations, and hopes that the orders will help pave the way for safe re-openings. All international travelers must now have a negative test before entering the United States. "We didn't get into this mess overnight and it is going to take months to get it turned around," he said. "But let me be equally clear, we will get through this, we will defeat this pandemic." The U.S eclipsed 400k COVID related deaths just before Trump left office. As as a result, the B...
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