Transcript: #KennekaJenkins “They were timid about something, you could tell something was wrong”

This is a transcript from our telephone conversation with a hotel worker from the Crowne Plaza Hotel who agreed to speak to our former masthead editor Saint Germaine on 11 September.

For a period of 48 hours, we dug deep into the backgrounds of each person involved; their whereabouts (before or after the murder), and their actions afterwards. It wasn’t long until hotel workers caught wind of our operatives poking around — which filled in the missing pieces to the puzzle.

What you’re about to read here is new information. Irene Roberts and Monifa Shelton were seen by two hotel workers the night she died. Those hotel workers are speaking below.

Saint Germaine: How did you find out about our reporters poking around the Crowne Plaza Hotel?

Hotel worker: I didn’t only discovered such after it started to make its way around the hotel that there were reporters poking around. And then one of yours showed up to take a look at the freezer in question.

Saint Germaine: I’m glad you mentioned the freezer. That’s one key component of the situation that has been focused on. We’ve obviously seen that it is a two door double steel freezer. Is it easily accessible?

Hotel worker: For a hotel worker yes. But for someone who they say was so heavily drunk and what not, definitely not. There’s no way someone that drunk would have been able to open two steel doors and get into a freezer.

Saint Germaine: What makes you so sure?

Hotel worker: Well the first thing is… that particular freezer is part of a construction zone that’s being used for a new restaurant. So, as it has already been discovered the girls worked here at the hotel also. Only they would have known exactly where the freezer was and how to get it open without being noticed. There are full grown hotel workers who can’t even get that freezer open by themselves, even before it became a zone.

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Saint Germaine: Which leads me to my next question… You saw Irene and Monifa that night downstairs even though they claimed to be upstairs in their story given to police. Tell us about that.

Hotel worker: I’m certain I got there sometime after they and their friends did. But I did indeed see a woman with orange-like hair; wearing a jean jacket (she went as far as to identify the deep blue patch on Irene’s jacket). She was with a younger looking woman who appeared very timid and scared. You could tell something was wrong. I paid attention as much as I could, thy must have paced for at least 30 minutes.

Now, let’s rewind.

Saint Germaine: What about before all of this? Can you confirm that security was called to the room?

Hotel worker: They were but Irene answered the door and told them nothing was wrong. They returned back downstairs to tell others that there was nothing wrong. (this matches the timeline of the video, note: about halfway through Irene’s live video she disappears entirely).

Saint Germaine: Can you confirm that noise complaints were made by someone who claimed that cries for help were heard?

Hotel worker: That’s what security was told but for whatever reason they didn’t bother to investigate it because Irene appeared okay at the door and denied that there were any other women besides Monifa in the room.

Saint Germaine: What about the men? Can you identify any of the men that were seen entering the hotel?

Hotel worker: There were two men that arrived shortly after I did. One was in a red jacket and another in a blue. They were very interested to find that room they were in. They stopped at the desk to ask which way the elevators were.

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As we continue to play back audio and write the rest of it out, we , will proceed with the release of the information.

More photos and videos are coming. We appreciate your patience with this newspaper investigation.

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