Footage shows Kenneka Jenkin ‘s friend Irene Roberts at Chicago PD

While that appears to already be public information, what’s next, isn’t entirely.   Our phones have been ringing off the hook all morning with news of Kenneka ‘s death and what happened that night in the hotel.   We’ve learned allot since learning of the story early this morning.

Here’s what we’ve now discovered.

  • The jacket worn by Irene in the video,  was not Kenneka ‘s jacket.
  • Kenneka and Irene weren’t actually friends.  She was a mutual friend of Monifa (spell check, various spellings of this name out there)  who used  Monifa to get the hotel room at a low price (we’ve now confirmed this through people who are calling into our news offices.  This was pre-planned before this ever occurred at the hotel).
  • In Irene’s live video, it, appears that she may have purposely wore those glasses in the hotel room.     The reflection in the glasses, although shaky, clearly paints a picture of at least 3 men and multiple others in the room. In one live video,  what appears to be a young woman bent over in the bathroom has been seen by The Daily News.  You can clearly see a man also in the bathroom (this is seconds before the toilet flush).
  • Monifa is now believed to have committed suicide (although we’re not able to confirm this… multiple accounts still place her as alive).
  • Video footage obtained by The Daily News placed Irene at the police department this afternoon, lending credence, to our suspicions that she knew something was going to go wrong and wore those glasses intentionally because they had a strong reflection in them.
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The footage.


What’s concerning is that Irene Roberts has disappeared from Facebook. We’ve encountered numerous Facebook pages that claim to be Roberts, although, not one of them can accurately verify who they are.

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