EXCLUSIVE: Two truths and THOSE Mystikal Lies

Last night, rapper Mystikal turned himself in in connection to rape charges stemming from his 2016 tour.  Those allegations came to light after a young woman claimed that she was attacked and raped by Mystikal with his tour-mate last year. Mystikal, has not commented on the situation befoe or even after he was formally jailed.

EXCLUSIVE: We’ve released part of the text messages we received in relation to this story [read them now]. 

UPDATE:   We have now spoken to at least two Shreveport casino workers who say that they saw Mystikal the night of the reported attack.  NOTHING happened.  Upcoming interview pending.

Meanwhile,  we dug deep into the allegations as soon as we were made aware of them.  As of this writing, we have identified the woman  who claims she was raped by Mystikal. Although, we are determining as of this time whether or not it would be in good nature to publicly name her. 

Let’s discuss.

UPDATE:  9/2/17 – Sultan Khan orders the release of Mystikal ‘s accusers information. She has now been publicly identified. 

The woman (whom, right now at least, we’ll call  Brittany) claims that during Mystikal ‘s tour last year that she was raped by the rapper and his accomplice Averweone Holman are both charged with first-degree rape. Holman, was first arrested on Friday.

This is where it gets murky, and very murky at that.  First, “Brittany” can’t per police reports keep her stories together.  In the beginning, she initially told investigators that the rape happened on a private transportation vehicle belonging to Mystikal, and then, suddenly, it happened in a private hotel suite used by Mystikal and Holman.  That hotel vehemently denies that a rape occurred on their premises or their watch. 

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Neither of which is true.   We contacted the hotel that Mystikal stayed at during his tour (a hotel that has asked not to be named) to find out what they knew about the night in question.  In a statement,  the hotel said this when confronted over claims that a rape happened in their trendy hotel last year.

“This is certainly not true.  We take these kinds of things very seriously, and, had this been true, we would have immediately notified police” the hotel says.  Furthermore, when pressed over reported security footage from the night Mystikal stayed in the hotel, the entire time there is not a single sight of a woman entering Mystikal’s hotel room. 

BREAKING: During the publication of this report, we have received comment from Mystikal’s camp.  Mystikal ‘s camp has confirmed that he intends to plead not guilty, and, will proceed to fight the rape charges. His bail remains at $2m.  Mystikal ‘s camp reiterated that Mystikal never went with the woman, and, she appeared to be “trying to follow Mystikal and his group throughout much of their tour. 

Which coincides with what we’ve learned next.  First and foremost, we’d like to point out that in no way do we condone sexual assault; rape, or molestation, However, we cannot stand by and watch an innocent black man go down a crime he didn’t commit.

An additional woman has come forth with valid evidence that she says was discovered after an apparent phone call with “Brittany”.  “Brittany”  admitted in reported phone calls that “nothing ever happened” and essentially that the whole story was a “ruse”.   “Brittany”  reportedly first claimed rape after her reported boyfriend had been alerted that there was another man involved, unaware, that that man was Mystikal.

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“Brittany” ‘s sister has also confirmed the same information we’ve uncovered.   Her sister contacted us after we announced on Twitter that we were in possession of this story and intended to corner “Brittany” for the lies she’s told on Mystikal.

The audio is pretty self-explanatory (watch below).    The woman herself is actually wanted in connection to the rape and awaits a $250,000 bail as an accessory to the phony rape.  Meanwhile, she say that she came forward with the audio “because I’m not going down for a crime that didn’t happen”.

H/t to TMZ for the audio provided by Tenichia Wafford

What’s interesting about this audio tape of Mrs Wafford, is, that it aligns with pretty much everything everybody is saying right now.   “Brittany” got scared because she’s “been with her boyfriend for a while, and, didn’t want him to find out that she willingly agreed to have any form of contact or sexual relationship with Mystikal”. 

We can confirm, however, that Mystikal attempted to curve the young woman until she made it almost impossible to avoid her. “It was completely consensual, and, wasn’t even rape”.  “Although they didn’t have full blown sex, because, he didn’t want it like that’ says a tour partner who was with Mystikal the entire time.

“She made every attempt to get as close to us as possible.  She did come back stage and hang out a bit, but, they never went back to any private room or a hotel suite.  Mystikal remained with his squad the whole time that night”.

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In other news,  “Brittany” ‘s sister is preparing to speak out in an exclusive interview with The Daily News this afternoon.  In an interview she says “I’m ashamed to even have to take part in.  I never thought she’d go this far to cost a man his life”.




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