In what may be one of the most famous videos ever shared in this newspaper,  Rasheeda, appears to have finally somewhat addressed her son’s rumored sexuality. In an audio clip posted online, a woman is heard confronting Rasheeda at her store over her son’s relationship with her son.

Listen below.

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  • EastSaintWitt

    Ima beat somebody’s ass got these damn people callin my phone all damn day and night. Females call me only no dudes and im askin for nudes everytime. Get the on the story from April 16 2017. And what number she use to call Rasheeda cuz im bout to sue her ass too.

    • Jas

      what the hell are you talking about

      • EastSaintWitt

        2818535678 this is Ky Frost boyfriends number the names Lyric Holland

  • EastSaintWitt

    This is the guy thats Ky Frost boyfriend 2818535678 the names Lyric Holland i got the text messages to prove they fuckin

    • Storm

      What difference does it make? They boy is probably gay/DL like a lot of dudes. Atlanta is full of young gay black men. Give that young boy a break. He isn’t famous for anything except having two D-list celebrity parents. You on here tryin to give out high schooler’s numbers and shit?

      • EastSaintWitt

        Stfu u late as fuck this shit old nigga