Op-Ed: Why I have a hate love relationship with the city of Atlanta

Atlanta Skyline and Highway at Sunset
Atlanta Skyline and Highway at Sunset

Atlanta Georgia is, in a nutshell, a place most love and hate.  It’s a place of opportunity; triumph, and often tragedy. (But we won’t discuss that).   Our resident staff writer   Brandell took his own take of life in Atlanta, and, decided to share it with the world.

1.)    For the most part…

Atlanta has some pretty good looking men says Brandell, 25, who writes for The Daily News from his home high above the Arts Center in Atlanta. “While they’re good looking, you, probably should just look and not touch” he jokes.

“Most guys here are awfully self-fixated and that lacks allot when it comes to actually going beyond  the legendary one-night stand in this city.  Atlanta has far too many options as far as dating is concerned, and, that makes it a terrible city to try and find a mate.


2.)  There’s so much more opportunity…

If one looks beyond the prostitution and more-often-than-not being an escort.    Brandell moved to Atlanta two years ago as part of his assignment for The Daily News, and now,  is considered a fixture among the city’s journalism circles.  The endless movie premieres; events, concerts, private galas, networking shin-digs, these are all connections that Brandell has made during his time in Atlanta, a city he now calls “his home away from home”.

3.)  Although he wishes…

People would actually work, specifically the men.  More often than not gay black men (and men in general) in Atlanta often steal; scam, and or both.  Recently, Brandell had his iPad stolen after he was confronted on a Marta Train to Buckhead.   “It’s pretty bad, nobody believes in working for themselves down here. People think coming to Atlanta is an instant come up”.

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4.)  And lastly…

“One thing I dislike about Atlanta is the atmosphere that one person must be better than the next otherwise people can’t get along. This is a city where black people are supposed to  propel themselves to success; financial security, and open new doors.  But that isn’t possible, because, everybody feels the need to b unnecessarily petty”  says Brandell.

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