New Harper Lee letters surface for the first time to the public

Harper Lee, perhaps one of the world’s greatest authors,  died last year in February. But now, a new book along with a bunch of new letters is on its way to the public. That book, er, perhaps threatens to expose  the troubled friendship between  Lee and her once-upon-a-time friend Capote.

The letters, partially obtained by The Daily News,   paint her former friend Truman Capote as a “habitual and compulsive liar”  who ruined their friendship and the trust she had of him  with his insane and often “troublesome” jealousy.

The letters and the new book come from an Alabamian historian identified as Wayne Flynt. Flynt, was a longtime friend and confidant of Lee who once told him personally of the issues and how she wanted to sever ties between Capote and her brand.

She easily described his problematic lying as “His compulsive lying was like this: If you said, ‘Did you know JFK was shot?’ He’d easily answer, ‘Yes, I was driving the car he was riding in.'” she wrote in the letter.

Meanwhile  Flynt’s new book Mockingbird Songs: My Friendship with Harper Lee is scheduled for release on 2 May.

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