Con artist and serial government conspiracy theorist Julie Schmidt is pictured.

In a phony lawsuit that was later deemed to be just as credible as Julie herself. In lawsuit documents obtained by The Daily News, it, is widely detailed of an alleged discrimination claim made by Julie lodged against the Tacoma Police Department.  The claim first reportedly (per documents)  rose after Julie claimed that the police discriminated against her when she was lawfully removed from her home over city-code violations and possession of deadly narcotics around children.

In the 2012′ lawsuit obtained by this newspaper, it is widely detailed of how Julie resided at a residence located at S. Alaska street in Tacoma Washington. At that residence, she per documents resided with a family by the name of the Godwin Family where things quickly drew  trouble.  According to the same documents, problems first  arose because Julie (as previously documented in legal documents citing her mental issues)  had been incapable of understanding the cumbersome task of properly securing a home and the electrical properties that come with it. This, perhaps, is where the code violations came into play.

At the time, an Officer Williams responded to the call after an initial officer was reassigned to the home.  During the period in which Julie claimed in the lawsuit (falsely, of course, the same she would do many more times as the years went on)  she was discriminated the following occurred.

  • Because of Julie ‘s concerning behavior;  activities, inability to care for a home, and tend to electricity issues child protective services was phoned.
  • The Godwin Family was investigated for child neglect and abuse on behalf of Julie who falsely claimed to CPS that The Godwin Parents were abusing their children.  CPS officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity confirmed that the call was made by Julie Schmidt who then had attempted to take the Godwin children as her own.
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As she has always had, Julie claimed that one of the basis reasons for being evicted from her home were her alleged disabilities.  The very same disabilities she doesn’t actually have (see our next article about St. Joseph’s Medical Center).   A judge presiding over this particular case ultimately ruled that Julie lied indefinitely and that the case be entirely dismissed (the same would occur after false medical malpractice claims in a suit against a Tacoma hospital also).

In the ruling, it was determined that Julie failed to keep her fabricated story of discrimination alive as per the ruling “(Plaintiffs vaguely allege that the City Defendants violated their 14th amendment right to equal protection of the laws.”)

(There is no evidence that the City Defendants intended to discriminate against Plaintiffs based on their status as disabled persons. In fact, there is no evidence that the City Defendants actually discriminated against the Plaintiffs. Therefore, Plaintiffs’ claims based on violations of equal protection fail as a matter of law.)

For these reasons, all of Plaintiffs’ 42 U.S.C. § 1983 claims fail as a matter of law. Defendants’ Summary Judgment Motion on Plaintiffs’ § 1983 claims is GRANTED, and those claims are DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE.

These documents also related to her false lawsuit against St Joseph ‘s Medical Center were lawfully and legally obtained through a Freedom of Information Act Request at the behest of The Daily News.

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