How SHK ‘s over-the-top personality catapulted him into fame

This is an article in the upcoming Daily News special on SHK,  the Editor in Chief of The Daily News. On 31 January 2017, SHK, will turn 22 and formally have served 14 years as the leader of the Daily News.   In this special, we will touch on pretty much everything that SHK has kept secret about himself for more than a decade.

In 2004,   SHK, was accidentally outed on the internet as a gay male.  Initially,   SHK never wanted his sexuality to be a staple among his work nor his social media following. But unfortunately, this can be accounted as one of the many reasons  HK has become the famous editor he is today.   “It was scary, I was so young but I had no choice that the world now knew that I was gay”.

Since then, SHK has adopted his own masterful marketing plan: himself.  HK ‘s “pretty boy over the top personality” has become his own personal staple, and, essentially can be accounted for to much of the success of this newspaper.  His appearances on red-carpets; music shows,  and social media have often resulted in this newspaper later trending online.

Subsequently,  HK ‘s use of a moniker accounts for his over-the-top personality. While many have often criticized HK and made fun of him for using such a thing it now makes sense.  HK ‘s actual name has never been published online, ever, in any form or fashion.  People have long disputed what HK ‘s name actually is, but, “I could care less about confirming or denying what my name is. It’s none of their business”.

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The HK you see on the red carpet and online is not the HK you get in real life.

If there’s one thing HK has mastered its living two lives.     When its time to put on nice threads and live up to being HK,  its a no brainer. But when HK is at home and hanging out with his friends, its, as if HK never even existed.   One of the beautiful things about HK is that he recognizes that while he may be one of the most famous editors to emerge from the digital era — he is still a normal human being.

Some of these traits and more that will be discussed further on in our special on SHK have helped him catapult himself into fame.  HK has never worked for a mainstream organization or had the help of a mainstream organization to achieve his success. His over-the-top personality;  and quirky use of the internet have made him a household name all by himself.

SHK has never been arrested; detained,  or court-martialed despite the many attempts to make it appear otherwise.

HK has never committed a crime that has resulted in his being locked up; arrested, or detained in any manner. He doesn’t even have anything as small as a DUI.

HK has always distanced himself from known scam-artist Julie Schmidt.

Despite the many historical claims out there,  HK, has never been a part of Julie ‘s massive online scam and conspiracy theory involving the government. In fact, he doesn’t even know how he got involved in it.

His only public relationship ever…

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Has been fashion stylist and impresario Carson Hall who resides in New York City. Otherwise,  don’t believe anything you read about relationships and HK in the same sentence.

HK is in the process of having children.

You heard it here first.

HK is a college graduate Hons Communications & Journalism with a minor in Forensic Science.

HK attended quietly a boarding school in England at the age of 19 before college.

HK is a Sunni-Muslim

He has homes in England;  America, and Dubai all privately rented by HK himself.


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