5 Steps to Remove Dish Soap & Suds from the Kitchen Machine

We’ve all done it, once or twice, accidentally allowed physical dish soap to get into the washing machine rather than soap meant for the washer.  We’ve put together a quick step by step guide to quickly remove the soap suds from your washing machine (the kitchen one) without making a huge unwanted mess.

1.) Remove the dishes from the bottom rack

If there’s suds or soap on any of these than that will make it almost impossible for the suds to stop building while in the dish washer.  In this step, rinse them all off and place them in the sink nearby.

2.)  Flip the “Hot”switch off on the dish washer.

Everybody knows “hot”causes suds  to grow, cold causes them to diminish. Make sure the hot-switch is off which will make sure they don’t continue to multiple.

3.)  Grab a cup and rinse off the front of the dish washer (inside)

Do this to make sure all of the soap remnants are no longer present on the front.  After doing this, flip the washer dial to “Rinse Only”which will trigger the washer to only rinse out the dish washer rather than perform an entire wash cycle.  An entire rinse cycle should pretty much empty the dish washer out entirely.

If suds are still present after step 3, repeat step 3.  With the bottom rack of dishes gone and the hot-switch off, the suds are diminishing due to the water.

4.)  Smack yourself twice for putting dish soap in the dish washer, and the n proceed to let your wife do the kitchen chores from now on.

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