NEW YORK —   Two police officers close to the matter at hand have confirmed that Anthony Nisbett and his family are to be formally investigated (even further) after the numerous news articles published in this newspaper.   Not authorized to speak on the matter, the officers, did confirm that Nisbett ‘s mother Romelda “is next to be investigated because it is believed she is a co-conspirator in many of his crimes”.

The same two police officials confirmed that Anthony ‘s mother Romelda has been recommended to authorities in Georgia to be investigated over reported social security; tax, and check fraud.  The allegations first surfaced when we first began researching Nisbett, the claims, surfaced after records obtained showed inaccuracies in Romelda ‘s history.

“This is a family of immigrants that has used their immigration to run a wide-ranging scam for many years.  Alleged sexual assaults;  tax-schemes, immigration fraud, these are all things Nisbett and his family are being looked at for. We appreciate wholly all of the information that has been turned over to us by The Daily News”.

The news comes amid concerns that Nisbett has “knowingly abused his power” at the helm of The Greater Jerusalem Baptist Church.  Several members of the Far Rockaway and Brooklyn New York church community have begun to call for his removal from the church entirely.

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