Porn Star who blew Anthony Nisbett ‘s secret sexual past speaks once more

This article coincides with an article we published over the weekend indicating that Pastor Anthony Nisbett of the Greater Jerusalem Baptist Church in New York City is corrupt.  Hours after the publication of our article, our offices were bombarded with phone calls and voicemails from all over America, mainly, viciously upset that we released the information provided by the porn  star.

“John” who will remain only identified as John to protect his identity appeared once more before our New York headquarters Monday evening ready to continue his shocking admissions about Anthony Nisbett. The original admissions contained explicit admissions that the two had sex, and on various occasions according to John. 

First and foremost, we’d like to point out that we’ve tracked down the gentlemen in possession of an explicit photograph of Nisbett, two more men who say and verified that they’ve to had sex with Nisbett, and one man who says “Anthony should be ashamed of himself”.


The original article

Following intense discussion online, “John” came forth once more to discuss his decision to unleash the truth about Nisbett to this very newspaper. 

“Nobody paid me, nobody forced me to approach anybody’s paper. I discovered Anthony had begun to make news after a friend had asked me had I heard about the undercover pastor here in New York City secretly using his church to freak with other men”

  “At first I was entirely unaware that the pastor he was talking about was indeed Anthony Nisbett, a pastor and past sexual partner, whose church I have also attended. Partial of my reason to come forth revealing the truth about Nisbett is the fact that he has deceived New York City for so long about his faith and the conviction that he believes in”

“I’m sure I hold the same thoughts as others. I may be a less than morale-friendly individual with a past of my own, but, this isn’t fair for Anthony to profit off of the deception of others while leading a fictitious life. The things the papers are saying have all been confirmed to be authentic by either photos or documents that I’ve read myself, and, that speaks volumes about the man that’s supposed to lead a church”

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“When he approached me for sexual relations, I was hesitant at first because I didn’t quite know the extent of his character. It took me up until he started to push hush-payments my way to realise what a dirty individual I had come across. Although a porn performer, I, would like to note that I did not accept the hush payments when I realised he was trying to conceal his own truths. 

May this be the first time that it also be discussed that he would often try to get me to come over to his residence in Far Rockaway, but usually at odd hours of the day. There was one situation in which I had almost encountered a woman who I would later learn was actually his wife.

I understand that as a porn performer we have these reputations that we talk, and, often do things that are less than usual for a normal person. But the argument stands that deep down I am still a human, and, that’s why I chose to come forth with my story and the text messages”.

The text messages referenced have been verified by The Daily News and the number used to send the text messages traces back to Anthony Nisbett and his verified Far a Rockaway address in New York City. Both the phone number and address have been confirmed to be in multiple forms part of an apparent business belonging to Anthony, known as A&M Tax Services — the very same business that appeared on our caller ID in California last week. 


The transference of power.

Days following the publication of numerous articles at the hands of our editors, we, were made aware by reporters dispatched to Far a Rockaway that  Nisbett appears to be attempting to transfer power within Greater Jerusalem Baptist Church. Over the weekend, it was confirmed by social media and our reporters on ground in Far Rockaway that Mary Nisbett, has been placed as “Assistant Pastor” which may also be considered the second in command in most churches not counting “The First Lady” and First Man of a church (certain churches use these titles). 

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How it Happened

The initial articles published by The Daily News triggered both a tax investigation and immigration investigation in the State of New York. Initially, almost unbelievable sources provided numerous documentation(s) that confirmed Nisbett is indeed under intense criticism and investigation over reported tax evasion. Tax evasion that was first reported by The Daily News, and uncovered through The Greater Jerusalem Baptist Church. 

Due to our investigation , we have turned over public records; church memos we’ve obtained, phone records, and emails retrieved to the appropriate authorities. Nisbett, has attempted to make contact twice, however, due to the investigation launched on behalf of our investigation – we have opted not to approach Anthony ourselves. 

Promptly one week following our initial investigation, our offices were notified of immigration violations at the hands of Nisbett, who, reportedly used a marriage to gain entry into the United States. A marriage, that per friends close to Nisbett, is now believed to have been pre-arranged by Anthony’s mother who has now been identified. The woman, Romelda Seabrooks (nee; Nisbett) is believed to have aided Nisbett in  his reported arranged marriage. Romelda, has not returned any of our phone calls seeking comment on the matter.


The crumbling of a religious powerhouse

It’s a secret to some but not a secret to all after we disclosed the immense financial and personal gain Nisbett himself has gained at the helm of this church. Earlier this year, we learned that Nisbett secretly sold a reported cruise ship that he owned in Australia and then started another business in AU (a place he has no legal authority to actually be or do business in).  

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Initially, we weren’t quite sure how Nisbett managed to amass such things, but then three of our affiliates exercised our ability to obtain Nisbett’s financial records which showed a number of irregularities that coincided with property records across America. Interestingly, the partial investigation into his finances is actually what turned up the discovery that he has taken out an unusually high number of mortgages on a single property. Based on our calculations, those mortgages are just slightly south of $1m — which adds up to the information provided by our original sources. Our original source first claimed that Anthony had suspiciously used numerous banks in NYC to take out mortgages Across the city. A gander at public records and financial bank filings in NYC  turned up direct confirmation of such mortgages at at least more than four banks since 2002 (roughly).


Why we chose to blow the lid off of Nisbett’s scam

Our editors spent weeks sitting on the story of Nisbett due in part to the fact that we don’t often cover such stories. But after we issued a brief pressers via our internal mailers to subscribers, tips and the like began to roll in. All but two were actually fully confirmed, the rest panned out to be factual and referenced by photos; text messages, and or emails. 

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