Despite rumors, no we are not talking about Julie Schmidt

Its another day in this strange universe, and, that means that Julie Schmidt is back with more of her unusually ridiculous claims that we are still talking about her. First, we have no interest in talking about someone who is so contingents and obliviously irrelevant.

Second, we have not discussed Schmidt in quite some time and that is evident by our newspapers.  We would greatly appreciate it if the falsified rumors would stop in what now amounts to desperate lips for attention.

We owe nobody nothing on Julie’s side of the spectrum, and,have said this many times. There is no valid evidence to suggest the federal government must intervene within our agency. The baseless and often laughable threat of federal intervention is pointless.

Furthermore, the real identity of Sultan Khan for no reason will be published online. Julie has made countless claims that not only is she Khan’s mother, but, that his name is Derick. It is not, and, we have verifiable stamped proof otherwise. That proof will not be furnished online unless deeply redacted due to Julie’s obsession with this newspaper and writing falsified things about people online.


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