Haleem Khan snaps a photo in New York City ahead of the Where Hearts Lie Premiere. Mandatory Photo Credit: The Uptown Agency

In the previously discussed push to rebrand SHK, SHK, has decided to  unravel his biggest secret: his name.  Over the coming weeks, SHK’s credentials and his digital portfolio will begin to change and soon reflect his real name.   Much controversy has been made over SHK ‘s real name over the years, whilst, nobody has ever actually gotten it right.

The reflection of his name on his official portfolio will be the first time the world has ever come to know SHK ‘s actual name, rather, than his Saudi given name.

       “The tidal wave of controversy over my real identity is over. While I won’t cough up my full name, my credentials will bear my first name.  For safety purposes, my last name will never be revealed to the general public, because, everybody knows I have been stalked and harassed for many years.  I am a 21-year-old college kid doing this by myself without the safety and security of my family. I have to protect myself somehow”. — Haleem Khan


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