The Uptown Agency cancels anniversary party at @TGIFridays

The Uptown Agency is saddened to announce that we have until further notice we have cancelled the anticipated pre anniversary dinner America voted for to be held at TGI Fridays — a popular American eatery that was chosen for the public to be able to party and drink with SHK.

We intend to find another venue for the anticipated event expected to draw hundreds. The 13th anniversary party will be the first time the public has been granted permission to come within conversation distance of SHK.

TGI Fridays refused SHK service because of an unusual claim that his ID is invalid because it doesn’t point a certain direction  although he is over the legal age  of 21 and has publicly consumed alcohol at both normal restaurants and five star restaurants with the same ID. 

WE will be sending out emails notifying registered guests of the change of the plans.  

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