The Uptown Agency releases its secret files on Julie Schmidt

Julie Schmidt, 39, whom we are turning over the files in which we are in possession of to federal authorities.
Julie Schmidt, 39, whom we are turning over the files in which we are in possession of to federal authorities.

After much personal debate among our leaders, The Uptown Agency, has decided to release its secret files on Julie Schmidt. Schmidt,  39, is a documented stalker who famously stalked SHK and his editors of the Daily News dating back to at least 2008.

Our secret files consist of document evidence on Julie Schmidt,  some of which, has been carefully reviewed and vetted by Daily News editors. The  secret files contain information that may not be suitable for all audiences, and,  contains information that implicate Schmidt in a number of crimes.

Part 1:   Check Fraud

In the state of Florida, sometime in the early 2000’s, Julie Schmidt’s name was implicated in a number of check fraud cases in this particular state.  The fraudulent checks were reportedly written to the tune of hundreds of dollars, whereas, Julie Schmidt  later claimed she was across the country at the time of the crimes (however, her exact information appears to have been used in the cases).

Part 2:  Erroneous and dubious aliases

Julie Schmidt has enough aliases to create a CIA database to fool Americans.     CPS officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity reveal that Julie Schmidt has been documented in CPS as a known “liar and impersonator” as she has called into the agency many times pretending to be someone else.   The attempts to impersonate others, er, go way beyond  CPS as they reportedly extend to Social Security and various related agencies.

Part 3:  Medical Lawsuit Fraud.

Some years ago, Schmidt, had a lawsuit against a medical center in Washington state. The lawsuit claimed that doctors at the medical centre had botched an operation that resulted in Schmidt losing part of her stomach. The allegations against the hospital were later thrown out and determined to be a lie, after, it emerged that Julie Schmidt is believed to have Munchhausen by Proxy Syndrome (a mental illness that forces one to make up illnesses for personal gain (and sometimes financial).

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Part 4: False allegations against the police

Julie Schmidt and her equally disturbed lover Leon Gerhard have long sought to make false allegations against police officers across America.   Schmidt, some time ago,  filed a fabricated lawsuit against a Washington state police department claiming that she had been discriminated against in a housing dispute after drugs and the variant were reportedly found in a home she owned.   She, after further allegations of child neglect in the home, was thrown out of the residence by police due to many illegal violations in the state on terms of housing.

She later claimed in legal lawsuits against the police department that her due process was violated and that she was discriminated against because she is disabled. This, was not true. Schmidt was lawfully kicked out of her home for non-legal electrical outlets; child neglect, and drugs and such in the home. This was proven, and the home, to this day, remains boarded up in Washington state.

The Uptown Agency intends to release all 100 secret files we have on Julie Schmidt. In recent weeks, The Uptown Agency announced an online campaign to cease the many deceitful and hurtful lies told by Julie Schmidt.  We have received full authorization from Uptown Department heads to release the files.

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