The Real ID act is coming America, and here’s how it will hinder your flight plans

Turns out — the long awaited “Real ID Act” is coming and it isn’t just some conspiracy theory concocted from the dark web. According to reports, federal authorities in the United States are apparently planning to dismantle drivers licenses in the United States as general primary means to board an airplane.  So what’s the catch?

The Real ID Act. The Real ID Act was  passed after 9/11 as apparent means to “bolster” national security. Within the act, magnetic strips with your personal information; date of birth, and various other pieces of information must be on new identification cards issued by your local governing agency.

The TSA is “threatening” to enforce the rules on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security, some of which, wants to entirely disable an average Americans ability to board a flight with their drivers license.  However, not all states are on board with the idea.

This time around, however,  the new “identification” cards or “licenses” will require Americans to cough up even more documentation on their immigration status; addresses, date of birth, social security number,  and identity verification documents.    The Real ID Act was originally passed in 2005 as means to “combat convicts and terrorists” of gaining  American identification illegally.

DHS has a list of states in which are currently pending attempting to prevent the act from going through, while others, have already complied.  The list is expected to be released in coming days, as the Department of Homeland Security, is to announce just when the act will formally be enforced.

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This article was originally published in The Daily Chronicle, also owned by Daily News Online.

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