Chicago cop “accidentally” kills black neighbor

CHICAGO —  Two more lives down, and a police officer, who remains largely a mystery. According to reports,  Chicago police officers are back in the headlines this weekend after reportedly shooting dead a black teenager and a mother of five. Chicago police say they responded to a “domestic disturbance” call after the teen allegedly threatened his father with a bat, that teen, has been identified as Quintonio LeGrier, 19.

Grier, apparently spent his weekend threatening his father with a bat Saturday night.   Police received the call about 30 minutes into the reported altercation, which, occurred and resulted in Grier’s subsequent (and  Bettie Jones) death.  Both deaths reportedly occurred between 4 – 5 am Saturday.

According to police “LeGrier was shot because he was a combative subject and emerged from  his father’s residence with a metal bat”.  LeGrier, was shot 7 times according to separate news reports.

Janet Cooksey, LeGrier’s mother spoke to WLS-TV following the shooting (some of which has now been reportedly submitted to police review authorities).

‘They did tell me he was shot seven times. That’s a bit much. That’s a bit much.

‘I don’t take all of that. My son only weighed about 150 pounds…

‘Why do you have to be shot that many times? Why?

‘If the police is trained in the field, then how, they’re just handling the situation by killing people?’


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