A notice to everyone who has recently stayed at a Hyatt Hotel

DISCLAIMER:   It has been revealed that Hyatt Hotels has been hacked.  There credit card systems have been compromised, resulting, in fears that credit card information belonging to millions of customers has been stolen.

Daily News Online has learned that Hyatt Hotels is undergoing a mass investigation after it was revealed that their systems have reportedly been hacked.  Hyatt officials say that  suspicious malware software was reportedly found on many of their systems, some of which, process hundreds of thousands of transactions a day. Why Hyatt Hotels waited until now to say something?  Such will apparently remain a mystery.

The malicious software was first discovered on 30 November.

Hyatt Hotels has advised customers to review their credit card statements out of “caution” but refused to confirm whether or not data has been stolen as of this time according to rep Stephanie Sheppard.

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