Obama ‘s failed attempt at a military coup in Syria: Top Story

If there was ever a military-coup nobody knew about, that, just may be that of Syria x Barack Obama.  According to the Wall Street Journal ,   “for years Obama has tried to stage a largely failed military coup in Syria” that would ultimately end in one way — Bashar Al Assad – would step down for good.

However, even after apparently offering years of incentives and various other goodies — it just didn’t work. “The regime stuck” and in 2012 the attempts were often acknowledged as one of Obama’s biggest failures.

“The White House’s policy in 2011 was to get to the point of a transition in Syria by finding cracks in the regime and offering incentives for people to abandon Assad,” a former official reportedly told The Journal. The Journal argues that instead of Obama’s coup attempts being successful, they, instead fed a sense of legitimacy to Assad’s controversial and often deadly regime.

Which would lend credibility to most reports, considering, just last week the United States put its backing behind a U.N based proposal and transition in Syria that would allow Assad to remain president of Syria for 18 months — with the potential of running in the 2017 elections.



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