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Internet Villain Martin Shrkeli is planning to hike the price of another drug

SAO PAOLO — There’s trouble in the world of pharmaceuticals once again, and this time, well, they’re all accounted back to none other than Martin Shrkeli. According to the New York Times,  Shrkeli has reportedly purchased rights to a premier drug in Latin America used to treat the often fatal disease known as Chagas.

The disease, hasn’t widely been seen in Northern America since 1955. However, in Latin America the disease is rather prominent and the drug is beneficial to most. As of now, the drug ranges about $50-$100 to retrieve it, however, Shrkeli reportedly plans to raise the praise to nearly $60,000-$100,000.

So what’s the master plan? As Reuters uncovered, governments give companies making drugs that specifically treat “parasatic diseases” vouchers. These vouchers can later be sold for up to $350m.

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