An open letter to Jim Ryan of Talk 2 Rep

An open letter to Talk2Rep ‘s CEO Jim Ryan

Dear Mr Ryan,

For the duration of all of a week and 6 days, I sat in one of your cubicles working hard; trying my best, and delivering the best I possibly could given the fact that I couldn’t force people to make appointments.  But that wasn’t enough, or, was it?

See, I’m writing you this open letter to discuss what exactly happens in your facilities.  When I got hired at your facility, I, did not disclose that I am actuallyMohammed Haleem Wali [A famous British journalist]. I wanted to perhaps work at a new job, have some fun, and experience what another job had to offer.

I thought yours was a good fit, that, was until I actually met management in your facilities and discovered neither of the three actually have any sort of managerial experience — and by far — are some of the most immature bunch I’ve ever met.

See, this is where I have a problem.

I’ve been at your job for 1 week and 6 days possibly even two weeks. I have only been on “the phones” since about the 4th-5th.  Now, I’m not quite buying that I was removed from DS Services of America over “stats”, because, as a new employee I was still learning the ropes and making improvements.

Alas, I discovered after an hour and a half in a police station and 11 harassing messages later from some of the employees your “management” hired — that I was not moved to a new account over my “stats” — but rather the favoritism displayed in your facilities.

Never have I worked at a place where favorites are so obliviously played. Let me role out a few examples, sir.

1.) “Talk 2 Rep has strict dress code policies”.

Okay, riddle me this Mr. Ryan. Why is it that everybody is forced to follow the dress code except for one person? Why?

Favoritism   Strike #1.  Paul Martinez & Pete Wallen are two of the biggest corporate hypocrites I have ever come across in my 12 years in media.

“No sneakers” “No short pants”. But those rules don’t apply to the individual in which they “favorite” over others. “Stay in your seat” doesn’t apply to this individual”.  I could go on for hours about the things this individual is allowed to do, say, and talk about and never gets talked to by management.

But, a pair of trainers I had been wearing nearly every single day since I had started — got me pulled to the side “You can’t wear those”.

Now keep in mind this is coming from your two managers who (for all that is holy) let the other individual …..  wear…. wait for it…. trainers (or as they are called in the United States: Sneakers).  And not once have ever said anything to this person.

Now if that isn’t a clear indication of favoritism I don’t know what is.

2.)   Management doesn’t know their arm from their ass.

This is a problem for me.   On a number of occasions in the short time I’ve been with Talk 2 Rep, management takes sides in almost everything.

For example, a threat was made against another employee to “bust him between his eyes with a bat”.

Response from management: I don’t believe he said that (note: nobody has a reason to lie, and there were multiple people sitting there during the remark being made).

Furthermore, this is what makes it even worse.

On the evening of 19 November 2015, things escalated into an even worse situation after the “individual” described in the situation of favoritism did what they do best: start trouble.

I will stop here Mr Ryan to avoid public humiliation for Talk 2 Rep, because, I actually like working for your company and would hate to cause you grief.  I hope that we could possibly have a conversation over the escalated manners at your offices, perhaps, from one business executive to another.

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