Teen kills himself over Skype blackmail: Mum

Skype1Apparently Skype is now a way for criminals to blackmail people, literally. According to Newser, one Scottish teenager’s death is being investigated today after he apparently killed himself following a dangerous encounter on Skype.  The problem? Alike the death of a 14-year-old named Hannah, both were rooted from the popular website Ask.fm (a question and answer website).

Daniel Perry, 17, was found dead by his mum after apparently being blackmailed in an attempt to launder money into an account by those in which he chatted with online. The assailants apparently demanded he funnel the money into the account, or his family would know the things he had said to someone in which he thought was a girl.

What’s more? Daniel had significantly been bullied on his Ask.Fm page with insults like ‘Take a knife to meet your throat’ ‘Go kill yourself mate’.

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