Head of The Bendell Corporation, Derick Jacobs, 18

The Countdown: Daily News celebrates 5th anniversary in entertainment in 39 days

Head of The Bendell Corporation, Derick Jacobs, 18


It’s been a long year as of thus — but we’re finally excited to ring the countdown clock to our fifth anniversary in entertainment.   We’ve been at this for half-a-decade, something we all treasure more than anyone will ever understand.   Many of our careers began at the turn of the century… some as authors, photographers, and kid geniuses.

After 5 years in entertainment, we can truly say we don’t see an end to The Bendell’s any time soon.  Over the years we’ve accumulated hundreds of members across the world that help us make this website (and its many sister sites) possible — something we are grateful for.

Our jobs have entitled us to many  different things we never in a million years we thought we’d be able to do.  Walking the red-carpet,   meeting celebs, interviewing movie stars,   and meeting all kinds of new people across the world.

Note from Derick: I never thought in a million years as an Islamic teen I’d make it in the American news business. Everyday I see Islam’s discriminated against and it’s quite painful to watch.  I have never before in the past revealed my religion mostly because I’ve always felt its need to know information. Yes folks,  I am a proud Islam.  I thank each of you that have made The Bendell Corporation possible — your viewership, contributions, and commentary have made for a wild 5 years. If your thoughts are anything like mine, your probably thinking how crazy it is that I’ve been doing this since the age of 13.

As Daily News turns 5 this year…. we give a BIG thanks to the millions of you that have made us possible. We would be nothing without the each of you that help us power this network of webizines.

Written by: Sasha Ra’Vaughn & Derick Jacobs for Daily News anniversary special

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