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Mystikal makes emboldened claim in bizarre rape case: Hip Hop Trending

Mystikal, who we famously defended in several public articles (and outed his accuser as a liar) is out of jail and openly defending himself. But his new claims might be a little bolderthan he's potentially ready for. According to the YBF, Mystikal is flat out claiming that she is "lying" and that she has "major credibility issues" (see here, this is at least one article he is referring to as we have previously helped his legal counsel). For those that don't know, Mystikal was arrested in August 2017 after a woman allegedly claimed that she had been kidnapped by Mystikal; his friends, and then raped in an odd fashion. The allegations didn't quite fully stand, however, Mystikal is facing some pretty serious prison time if convicted. Myst made $3m bond earlier last month.
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