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Fallout intensifies over #WuhanLabLeak theory as its revealed America gave millions to lab linked to charity studying Coronaviruses

The fallout over revelations that America may have unintentionally (heaven forbid intentionally) played a part in funding the Wuhan based lab at the centre of COVID-19 continues. According to federal documents shared online on Friday, the U.S Pentagon is now finding itself on the receiving end of the same backlas that Dr. Fauci is facing. The Pentaton has been revealed to have been a major financial donor to one of the Wuhan based lab sites that are believed to be connected to the viral outbreak. It is understood that the Pentagon gave more than $39M to a group called Ecohealth Alliance (EHA.) The group is helmed by British scientist Dr. Peter Daszak — one of the key individuals who tried to help initially downplay lab leak theories. But as the news reportedly emerged of the f...
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