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Iconic book that revolutionized women’s sexuality, discontinued

Because those that founded it, ehum, say that they cannot actually afford to publish it any longer.  Our Bodies, Ourselves was first published in the 1970 's -- when the topic of women's bodies and sexuality, were uh, rather taboo and almost unheard of.    Instead of further updates to the iconic book,  the group, will reportedly transition to volunteer organizations and championing modern women's rights. The last update to the book was done in 2011.
Trump Administration

Two U.S states have sued Donald Trump over birth control mandate reversal

Two U.S states  have plenty of time this weekend in response to Donald Trump 's reversal of a birth control mandate that employers had to provide birth control within their insurance plans. Now, not so much. Massachusetts and California have both filed lawsuits on behalf of each of their respective Attorney Generals, citing, that the reversal violates the law on several levels. According to court documents obtained by The Daily News, both Attorney Generals have argued  that businesses have no right to trump the decision of  a woman's own family planning process and when such should take place. Meanwhile, The Hill rounded up some pretty interesting responses mostly of the religious type.   The mandate reversal is pretty faith-based in its whole, and,  allows employers to "not prov...
@IvankaTrump went behind her fathers back and met with Planned Parenthood execs 

@IvankaTrump went behind her fathers back and met with Planned Parenthood execs 

Ivanka Trump is a woman of uncertainty,  Reports confirmed today that the first daughter secretly met with the head of Planned Parenthood without the knowledge of the White House or the American people. Here's where it gets interesting. While the original report only detailed to the point that Ivanka reportedly wanted "to learn more about the organization" she didn't quite listen to Cecile Richards when Richards "made a play to organize a presentation for her to show her where federal funding actually went". Sources confirmed that the reports of a meeting were indeed accurate, mostly, because skepticism was posed by conservatives in America of a first daughter meeting with an abortion clinic service provider.  Additional reports now cite that Cecile Richards "does not like Iv...
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