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Afternoon Roundup

Woman lied on her resume, now she’s going to jail for a year

Let this be a memo to people that want to lie to the government. An Australian woman has been sentenced to a year in jail after having been found to have lied to the AU government about her education and work history. Veronica Hilda Theriault lied to the interior government of Australia and its cabinet about her resume -- but at least for a month managed to get away with the rouse. The ruse worked—for a month.   (Getty Images/fizkes) In that month, she earned more than $22,000USD of what would've been a massively lucrative $180,000USD a year job. Apparently Veronica's mental health began to decline after accepting the job, which led her superiors to suspect that something may have been awash with Veronica to begin with. This week that rouse finally came to an en...
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