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A look inside Buckingham Palace
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A look inside Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is perhaps one major part of world history and British history, and will remain even after the Queen actually dies. But, how much do people actually know about the palace?  Let's dig deeper. In 2016... It was announced that the palace would undergo a massive 10 year rennovation costing British tax-payers hundreds of millions of pounds.  It was reported by The Daily News earlier this year that the rennovations would fix much needed components of the castle and its wiring most of which hasn't been done in about 60 or so years.  The 828,000 foot palace has more than 700 rooms an more bathrooms than we could imagine someone actually enjoying having to clean. Meanwhile.. The Queen will remain in residnce (until her death) while the rennovations are underway. Wi...
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