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Report: Rudy Guliani has asked Trump for a “pre-emptive” pardon

There might be more trouble brewing in Trump's Universe than they'd like to lead on. According to the New York Times; CNN, and several other outlets Rudy Guiliani is spending his final days of the Trump Admin asking for a pre-emptive pardon. The Times claims that Rudy made the plea originally over the summer and again recently as it has become evidently more clear that Trump has lost. Perhaps the New York Times might be on to something. It appears that since roughly a year or so ago, Guiliani has been under investigation by federal authorities in Manhattan. The feds have long accused Rudy of illegally violating a number of laws related to his questionable consulting work in Ukraine. That body of work is still controversial as it is largely unknown as it appears Rudy has lied...
95 people in America just got their sentences commuted thanks to Obama
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95 people in America just got their sentences commuted thanks to Obama

As part of an "end of the year" push by the U.S president. According to statements from the White House, Obama reportedly "commuted" the sentences of more than 95 people and pardoned 2 more as an overall lead-in to his ladder push to alleviate overcrowding in American prisons. The commutes come from those who only have minor sentences, and non-violent charges. The two pardons, however, are a little different. One stems from a counterfeit case, and, the other stems from a bank fraud case.
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