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Trips to the Hollywood sign are about to get a whole lot more interesting

Thanks in part to hopefully Warner Bros. According to reports, the movie-studio apparently wants to bring a tram to Hollywood to help ease traffic and make it easier to get onto the iconic mountain. Meanwhile, per the Los Angeles Times, it's worth noting that such trams have been proposed before ....  so it isn't quite something new. In  terms of this one, ehum, Warner Bros is hoping that the idea of a tram would   allow visitors to depart from its Burbank lot and onto the mountain. Of course, uh, that means visitors would also be plopped right into the area to witness Warner Bros'  other attraction (ultimately lining their own bank account).
Sources:  Bachelor in Paradise star DeMario Jackson indeed raped Corrine
Your take?

Sources: Bachelor in Paradise star DeMario Jackson indeed raped Corrine

No may mean no, but,  according to multiple sources on set of the Bachelor in Paradise show -- that isn't quite the case.  On Monday, it emerged that  Warner  Bros had suspended all production of Bachelor in Paradise following sexual assault allegations that surfaced from inside its own set. This is where it gets murky.  Sources say Corrine "definitely was raped" because she "was silly drunk in the pool and could not consent to the almost forced-like sexual encounter at the hands of DeMario Jackson".   The same first source, says, Jackson "was the one who initiated things being brought to the pool in an attempt to be in a slightly more concealed area where he could suggestively touch her". "Don't believe Jackson when he says he was too drunk. He knew what he was doing, he, was alread...
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