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Wal-Mart to raise age required to buy a gun

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Wal-Mart 's across the  country are about to get a whole lot more interesting.  According to Wal-Mart, who announced late Wednesday, the company will slowly begin raising the age to buy a gun to 21.  The move follows Dick's Sporting Goods, who, also announced Wednesday that customers will be required to prove that they're over the age of 21 to buy all firearms and anything that goes with them. Both decisions present a major  change in attitude by the private sector in the United States, as,    people are demanding  better responsibility at the hands of those who actually sell guns to begin with.  Wal-Mart actually stopped selling assault-like and AR-15 rifles in 2015 due to what they say "was low demand".    
Your company is likely tracking you,  and you never knew it

Your company is likely tracking you, and you never knew it

According to a report in the Mail Online.  Per the Mail, it has emerged that a number of America's largest companies are reportedly "tracking employees. Everything from their prescriptions to search terms; and far beyond'.  Companies like Wal-Mart favourite big time data companies like Castlight Health, which, collects user data on all things health related -- so Wal-Mart in turn knows which employee may or may not fall ill with what and when, and, how it can plan in the future to guide their employees in the direction they'd like an employee to go. For example, Castlight reportedly admitted to the Mail Online that companies like Wal-Mart routinely contact the company to dig into the personal and healthy lives of their employees -- to determine which employee they can scapegoat into exp...
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The exodus of Wal-Mart – Big Box Retailer Closing 200+ stores

It's 2016, and er, well Wal-Mart is riding off into the sunset. Wal-Mart announced that some 200+ stores across America and certain parts of the world are preparing to shutter. The announcement comes on the heels of dismal financial disclosures, perhaps, because most betroth the once beloved retail giant. About 12 of them are full fledged stores; 4 are Sam's Club, and are variously spread across the world on top of "Express Locations".  Despite reports of closures,  Wal-Mart still plans to open more stores, however, we're not quite sure how well that will mesh with others. Click for the full list of closures.  
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