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There was voter fraud in the 2020 elections but it wasn’t aimed at helping the Democrats

As many suspected there was in fact voter fraud in the Unite States 2020 eleciton. Though as local news reports in PA reveal it wasn't in fact for or an attempt to help the Democrats. Local reports show that a 70-year-old man has been sentence to five years probation for fraudulently voting in his dead mother's name. The Philly Inquirer reports of one Bruce Bartman who was sentenced over the weekend in the case that GOP has long accused the Democrats having done instead of them. Bartman is just one of many apparent examples of people casting ballots in the names of dead people -- many of which have come to be for Republicans. County records show that Bartman 's mother has been dead since 2008 and his mother in law who he also got a ballot for died in 2019. Prosecutors allege tha...
2020 U.S Elections

Pro-Trump Lawyer Lin Wood is being investigated for voter fraud

Lin Wood (the crackpot lawyer feverishly defending Donald Trump 's outlandish claims) is now battling very real claims of his own. After a goof during an interview with NBC, Wood is under investigation in Georgia over claims that he illegally voted in Georgia when it should've been in South Carolina. Per NBC News. "I have been domiciled in South Carolina for several months after purchasing property in the state in April," Wood noted during an interview with journalist Justin Wray. The comments were quickly spotted by Georgia 's Sec of State, who, says that his office will be investigating where Wood actually lives.
2020 U.S Elections

After breakneck ballot-counting efforts in GA, a recount is on the way: Report

Georgia ballot counters might want to get their most comfortable clothes ready. According to Georgian officials, a recount of Presidential ballots is coming sooner than some may have thought. Per theĀ Washington Post. "With a margin that small, there will be a recount." Sec of State for GA said Friday. That means that despite Biden 's lead -- Trump may get his recount claim amid baseless claims of voter fraud after all. We'd like to remind people that voter fraud in the states is exceedingly rare.
2020 U.S Elections

Fact Check: Can Trump actually send law enforcement officials to polling places?

In our new fact check series --- we dive deep into some of the day's most prolific claims. In this series, we will use reputable third party sources and sometimes even experts to debunk or prove. some of these claims. Claims that are outright fraudulent or misrepresenting will be marked with an X. On Friday, U.S President Donald Trump openly claimed that he would send law enforcement officials to polling stations in a supposed effort to quell "voter fraud." Although in his claim, Trump failed to acknowledge that such is actually against federal law and many states actually flat out reject such a notion. There are a handful of U.S states that actually expressly prohibit the idea of law enforcement personnel at polling sites. Several of these important components of the l...
2020 U.S Elections

More on the problem dangling over the #USPS

Dire straits might be ahead for the Postal Service if nothing is done to help itself. According to memos obtained by CNN, the United States Postal Service is gearing up for a super-catastrophe come November. The base of the problem? According to the memos, officials are warning at least 46 states that ballots may not arrive on time if at all due to severe delays. The USPS 's counsel issued in those warnings a note that also claimed that despite election laws established by states --- there pretty much isn't a full guarantee that things would arrive as they're meant to do so. This comes amid the USPS 's own previous claims that it definitely had the capacity to handle the influx of ballots although many aren't completely convinced. The Washington Post has secured all 46 names of...
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