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Stop what you’re doing, you need to know what is happening to a woman named #ValerieBacot

A salacious murder trial is unfolding in France this week amid the prosecution of Valerie Bacot -- who in more ways than one appears to be a victim rather than a suspect. According to reports, Bacot is standing trial for the murder of her former stepfather turned husband who she is understood to have known since her early teenage years. Bacot admitted to an open court on Monday that the sexual abuse had begun as young as 12 years old and continued for decades. It is unclear if French prosecutors are actually acknowledging the fact that she has been abused by the man for many years. The man has been identified as Daniel "Dany" Polette who was killed during a violent encounter with a pimp and Bacot. Bacot was allegedly and notoriously pimped out by Polette because he had often ...
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