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Trump Tower fire rages, kills 1 in deadly fire: Police

NEW YORK -- Big trouble in New York City today as investigators are hoping to determine the cause of a huge fire on the 50th floor of the Trump Tower building in Manhattan.   Authorities reportedly arrived around 5:30 pm last night,  and, discovered a man's apartment (in the words of the fire commissioner) almost "entirely on fire". We've identified that man, as, Todd Brassner (67) who passed away late last night following the fire.    Brassner's family has not publicly spoken to the press as of this time.  
Team Trump really doesn’t like the media
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Team Trump really doesn’t like the media

This week's  biggest story out of Trump Tower comes by way of the massive media gathering that occurred inside the President-Elect's home. According to the New York Post,  Trump reportedly used the meeting as an excuse to skewer the media over what he claimed as "dishonest coverage" and how they got it all wrong.   Kelly, Trump's most senior female leader reportedly denied reports that his meeting had gone off the rails.  Meanwhile, sources told the New York Post that the meeting was "an entire disaster".  The media included every heavyweight from every major media network in America. ABC -James Goldston (ABC News president) -George Stephanopoulos (GMA host) -Martha Raddatz (World News reporter) -David Muir (World News anchor) CBS - Chris Isham (DC Bureau Chie...
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