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Trump owes $315m to various lenders and banks
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Trump owes $315m to various lenders and banks

  Looks like Donald Trump owes more bills to the world than he'd actually like to let people know of.  According to a financial disclosure document from The White House picked up by The Daily News, Donald Trump owes a whopping $315m to various banks and major financial organizations across the world. (yes, the world). The document disclosed that Trump borrowed millions  from a bank in Germany. Per the document,  Trump further disclosed at least $594m worth of income.  Interestingly, the President reported income from at least 566 roles as CEO;  Leader, or in some form of top role across hundreds of different forms of income. Even more interesting,  Trump 's initial net worth on the document is listed as $1.4billion (although it is believed to be significantly higher).    Unfo...
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