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Report: Trump friendly lobbyists partially to blame for #AmazonFires
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Report: Trump friendly lobbyists partially to blame for #AmazonFires

As the Amazon Fires continue to rage through the Amazon Rainforest, the world is discovering just whom is actually responsible for aiding such to happen. The Intercept managed to get their hands on documents that revealed the Trump friendly lobbyists are in part responsible for the fires in the Amazon. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6319701-6687-Informational-Materials-20190605-1.html#document/p1 This is not a drill. The American government and their lobbyists are aiding and abetting the Brazilian governments' attempt to burn the forest to the ground. The website (which is best known for breaking and revealing some of the most prominent corruption stories humanity has ever seen) says that the above packet spells it out for the Amazon Rainforest. [A 2017 blog post a...
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