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Wife calls husband loser, husband, viciously kills her with a hammer

In what may be one of the most gruesome murders in recent memory in Dubai, a British newspaper editor, has finally met his fate in the murder of his wife.  In July 2017, Francis Matthew (the then editor of English language Gulf News)  bludgeoned his wife Jane to death after she called him a loser -- essentially -- a loser who couldn't provide. On Saturday,    Matthew was officially sentenced to 10 years in a Dubai prison for  striking his wife twice in the back of a head with a hammer  that year.    Prosecutors say that they had gathered enough evidence to prove, ehum, that the murder was indeed premeditated.   Despite what would later be multiple claims by Matthew's attorneys otherwise. Docs show that   Jane had been upset that month due to the couple having been in severe debt, and...

You should know the name Tyra Patterson, here’s why

Because like many other innocent people, she, was jailed in 1994 for a crime she (appears not to have committed).   Patterson was released on parole after 23 years for an apparent murder this month, here, is a video on her story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w_CNoqv4IA
World News

Holly BoBo’s killer has learned her fate

Bad news for the man responsible for the 2011 grisly murder of Holly BoBo (who wasn't actually found in the wooded area near her parents home until 2014...). In 2011,  BoBo was seen walking into the woods near her parents home with a then unidentified male (that would later come to be identified as Zach Adams). She was twenty and a nursing student when she was killed according to court documents. On Saturday, Adams  was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. He was charged  with rape; murder, and aggravated kidnapping.   The conviction came after he reportedly accepted a plea deal hours before that took the death penalty off of the table. In addition to the life  sentence, he, received two consecutive additional 25 year sentence(s) for the kidnapping an...
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