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Bolsonaro won’t acknowledge NYC ‘s vax mandate during UN General Assembly

If there is one thing that Bolsonaro is good for that is being consistent in his hatred for science and general common sense. On Tuesday, the Brazilian leader is expected to address the United Nations Assembly in New York City though intends to break the law doing so. While the UN Headquarters are considered international territory, er, the event still takes place in New York City where such vaccination requirements are actually mandatory. According to Reuters,UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres confirmed despite the flack that Bolsonaro cannot actually be legally removed from the headquarters as American laws don't fully apply on the inside. The crackpot leader is expected to draw much ire from NYC as most people including the rich and famous are all wearing masks and followi...

Josh Johnson Announces 9/30 Release of ‘Trevor Noah Presents Josh Johnson: # (Hashtag)’ LP via Comedy Central Records || Shares “Fallin”

SHARE "FALLIN (WITH GROOVEBOX & JESSE CALE)" VIA YOUTUBE  New York, NY (September 16, 2021) - Daily Show writer, comedian, and artist Josh Johnson has shared "Fallin (With Groovebox & Jesse Cale)," the original work that bookends Trevor Noah Presents Josh Johnson: # (Hashtag), out September 30 via Comedy Central Records.    "In a special about the world feeling like it's in free fall, and a year that saw me plunged even deeper into the grip of an online rat race to belong and get attention, 'Fallin' is the perfect theme song," says Johnson. "It's about comparison and connection, about letting go without being gone and taking time to catch yourself. It was co-written by me and Groovebox, who lends his incredible vocals with a feature from Jesse Cale."  Vulture named # (Hash...

The fall of legal scion Alex Murdaugh is nothing short of shocking

As it turns out there are more holes in the story of Murdaugh 's family drama than initially realised. In the beginning, it was thought that the attempted shooting on his life was in fact by a stranger. But cops in the area and prosecutors now say that Murdaugh 's fall from grace has in other words become deeply more sinister than anyone had noticed. Prosecutors allege that Murdaugh allegedly hired his own hitman to shoot him nearly in the head earlier this month resulting in an even deeper mystery into an already troubled family. That incident reportedly happened as prosecutors further allege that Murdaugh was already entangled in a family row with his brother over supposed stolen millions from their law firm. In a further twist, cops say that Murdaugh hired his former c...

Los Angeles has activated vaccine passports here’s what you need to know

The City of Los Angeles has announced that vaccine passports are coming like many other parts of America. According to city officials, beginning 4 November 2021 locals will be required to show proof of vaccination for "big events"; access to bars, showrooms, and other places one would usually find allot of people. Restaurants will not be required to collect proof of vax but the same cannot be said for local bars. The county does not intend to enforce this rule for restaurants presumably due to the devastating toll such would have on local restaurants and the chances of violent encountrs with customers. The rules will also reportedly apply to Rams; Dodgers, and Chargers games within the bounds of the city. It is the first time LA will enforce such a thing within the bounds of its ...
Fresh News

Taco Bell is launching a taco subscription service

That headline isn’t a joke or something out of Family Guy. According to Yum Brands, the owners of Taco Bell, the fast food chain is launching what will become their first subscription service of sorts for tacos. After a quick internet search, we found that the temporary subscription service is available until 24 November in the United States and users must use the app to find it. The programme gives people 30 days worth of tacos and offers a variety of available tacos for choosing. According to what we could find the price will range about $5-$10 a month. Taco Bell is hoping to lure in more customers in the digital age. Against the backdrop of a pandemic, the world has quickly and likely indefinitely shifted online. Subscription services are far more common with things ...
Fresh News

A Florida woman has admitted to threatening to assassinate Vice President Kamala Harris

A truly shocking story out of Miami has Washingon on alert for any potential further threats to the White House. According to local reports, a Miami nurse is facing some pretty hefty federal charges after an alleged manifesto threat to assassinate VP Kamala Harris landed in the hands of authorities who then managed to confirm she had actually intended to attempt such. The woman according to court papers has been identified as Niviane Petit Phelps, 39. Phelps reportedly sent her husband, who is in prison himself, a 30 second video in February where she openly mentioned her threat to kill Harris at any and all costs. She faces up to 6 different federal charges and up to 5 years or more in federal prison. DOJ officials claimed in their own documents that the woman then claimed follo...
Fresh News

Biden Administration to begin clemency process for people on home confinement due to COVID-19

Huge news in the United States this week. According to the Biden-Harris administration, thousands of inmates on home confinement under the CARES Act (serving their actual sentences) are now eligible for review for clemency. The administration revealed on Monday that people who have non-violent drug offenses (or similar small things) will be reviewed for clemency and early release. The U.S Bureau of Prisons website reports that the U.S currently has about 7,569 federal prisoners (a good portion of them are understood to be NVOs) on home confinement status. Prisoners must have no less than four years remaining on their sentences to be considered for clemency. Biden’s administration is urging families, if they have someone on the other side, to begin reviewing cases to determine if...

TMZ has sold itself to Fox of all people

The Fox Corporation how has an even larger asset. According to reports, TMZ Entertainment has been sold to Fox (yes that Fox) with a deal that has not entirely been disclosed. Fox will now operate TMZ’s entertainment channel and its infamous TMZ Live show. Harvey Levin, who co-founded the company in 2005, will remain in his role as part of the acquisition. .

Biden pretty much just mandated vaccinations for everyone in the United States

That is presumably if you happen to have a job for a private company (which most do) and that company happens to have over 100 people (even if say 101.) According to a new executive order, President Biden has announced that all employers who privately have more than 100 employees must now have all of their employees get vaccinated. It appears the order is being used under the guise of what are called the OSHA rules. In the order Biden made it clear that employers who successfully do not get people vaccinated or obtain weekly tests from each person will be subject to hefty fines. Reports indicate that those fines could be upwards of $14,000 per violating employer and have the opportunity to go much higher. Deeper in the order it was revealed that as of today federal employees an...
World News

Nipah, a lethal virus, is taking hold in India pushing officials to scramble to contain it: Reports

Known as the Nipah (or NiV) virus the virus is understood to be at least 40-75% deadlier than the Coronavirus according to the World Health Organisation. Reports show that the virus has been discovered in the Coronavirus ravaged India, where, the country itself has already desperately struggled to contain an already deadly virus that has killed scores of Indian citizens. “The virus has been shown to spread from person-to-person in these outbreaks, raising concerns about the potential for NiV to cause a global pandemic,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said. Media reports in India confirm that officials are conducting strong surveillance In hot-bed areas that the 12-year-old boy (who died) appears to have been in or communicated with others in. The virus w...

Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears has filed to end her conservatorship after 13 years of ruining her life: Reports

Pop legend Britney Spears may finally have her wish. According to court documents obtained by NBC News, Jamie Spears has filed papers confirming he has at least on his part relinquished his role in Britney’s conservatorship and is formally asking a judge to dissolve such entirely. The move comes 13 years after Britney ‘s heartbreaking meltdown at the height of her fame. Per the documents the judge presiding over the case will now have to review the documents entirely ultimately making the decision that will hinge on Britney’s future as a free woman. In the documents, Jamie acknowledged that Britney had the right to determine whether or not she felt that it was appropriate for her to still be locked into the conservatorship. In recent weeks, it has emerged that Britney not only wan...
U.S Politics

Larry Elder, who is running for Gov of California, wants to give descendants of slave owners reparations

In California politics quite literally anything is actually possible. The leading GOP candidate hoping to replace Gavin Newsom is making headlines around the world this week after he made some fairly shocking claims about slavery reparations. Before we go any further yes that GOPer is Larry Elder and yes Elder is a Black man who contrary to what he probably believes also came from the enslaved himself. When people talk about reparations, do they really want to have that conversation? Like it or not, slavery was legal,' Elder said.  'Their legal property was taken away from them after the Civil War, so you could make an argument that the people that are owed reparations are not only just Black people but also the people whose 'property' was taken away after the end of the ...
Womens Rights

A judge has ruled Planned Parenthood clinics in TX are exempt from draconian new abortion law

In Texas the battle over a woman's right to her own body has entered a dangerous new phase. This week a draconian new law went into play barring most abortions after 6 weeks --- and if you've ever been pregnant -- you're probably aware that most don't know they are until about 6 weeks or longer. Gamble 's ruling comes against the backdrop of claims that the law would've created imminent danger for so many women in the state. Texas has now stopped abortions at that point. Judge Gamble (who we will not picture for obvious reasons) ruled yesterday that Planned Parenthood clinics are exempt from the new law for a host of reasons. The law allows private citizens to sue those including agencies they suspect of providing these services to women sans PP. TX 's law is an attempt ...
Fresh News

These “wish list” tax hikes are how Democrats want to pay for their massive infrastructure bill

On the heels of a massive infrastructure bill they hope to pass a new list of "wish list" tax hikes to pay for said bill is making its rounds on the internet. According to a document shared online, Democrats are hoping to pay for the bill by essentially taxing the-shit-out-of the richest of the rich. Early last month, Democrats passed an early-on framework for the bill they hope to have through by the end of the year. It is virtually understood that almost every Republican opposes the bill. https://www.scribd.com/document/523081902/Possible-Revenue-Provisions-and-Descriptions#download&from_embed
Fresh News

Mike Richards has been fired from Jeopardy (a 2nd time)

That in part is because he wasn't just a host but rather also an executive producer. Just a short time after it was announced that the bewildered T.V almost host would fill in on Jeopardy, er, everything has quite literally come crashing down. According to reports, the fallout from Richards' scandal and his previous comments surrounding women and Jewish people had simply gone too far. CNN reports of an email that was delivered to people on set which informed them that the show could not endure the lasting backlash currently following Richards from his previous departure. It appears a Sony executive will temporarily take his place.
U.S News

Lake Tahoe, if the fires get any worse, is poised to fall to climate change

Lake Tahoe perhaps one of California 's treasured tourist spots is under siege by raging wildfires. According to local officials and reports, the area near the CA-Nevada border is struggling with an onslaught of fires amid a deadly battle against climate change. You’ve got this potential for it to really start jumping from building to building to building," one fire scientist tells the Los Angeles Times. These wild fires are only a small few compared to the many currently burning through much of the West Coast.
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