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U.S Congress set to hold historic talks and votes on slavery reparations next week

Congress is set to for the first time in full capacity discuss reparations on a federal level for the acts the American government committed against generations and centuries of Black people in the United States. According to The Mail, Rep Jerry Nadler is leading the discussions over reparations which arguably likely would lead into the descendants of slaves today. Reparations would more than likely be provided to descendants simply because racism and slavery in the United States didn't just ruin the lives of those before modern Black it ruined generations that followed the past versions of families that lived in the country. 'The historic markup of HR 40 is intended to continue a national conversation about how to confront the brutal mistreatment of African Americans during ...
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An Australian woman has died allegedly after getting the COVID-19 vaccine: Report

Yet another puzzling report of COVID-19 vaccine frustrations has emerged. According to News.com.au, an unnamed elderly woman reportedly died this week just hours after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine down under. Many following the report began to question whether or not it was in fact safe to take the vaccine. Chief Medical Examiner Paul Kelly said  “at this stage there are no signs of any causal link,” the Australian Associated Press reported. “It can be expected that older and more frail people in an aged care setting may pass away due to progression of underlying disease or natural causes, this does not mean the vaccine has contributed to this,” he said.
Everything you need to know about the allegations against Matt Gaetz and his associates

Everything you need to know about the allegations against Matt Gaetz and his associates

Editors note: It’s not entirely clear though it appears that The Times has a bombshell story that implicates Matt Gaetz in a sex scandal that may include more. The DOJ is investigating amid claims there were multiple women. This story contains elements of potentially criminal activities. WHAT IS KNOWN: According to the initial part of the New York Times story, Matt Gaetz and at least one of his associates paid multiple women for sex using apps like Cash App and Apple Pay. That allegation in itself has sent social media into a frenzy considering Gaetz is a congressman. The DOJ investigation is reportedly focusing on whether or not campaign funds were used during any of these transactions. The same investigation is also pursuing a claim that does involve an underage girl. ...

NYC is investigating another anti-Asian attack as a hate crime that took place on the subway

New York City has had so many anti-Asian hate crimes lately it is a wonder people aren't terrified to walk the streets yet. According to local news reports --- the city is investigating yet another hate crime that took place on the subway and was captured by a popular Tik Tok user. The Tik Tok user caught the entire altercation on camera which saw an Asian man be violently beaten while others stood by and watched. It is unclear exactly what triggered the altercation on the subway. According to the Twitter user, the individual choked the Asian man until he was unconscious on the subway -- neither of the two individuals have been publicly named so far. Against the backdrop of a significant spike in anti-Asian crimes New York City has had multiple itself in the past month. Late l...

Cancel Culture is coming for Spongebob

Spongebob Squarepants the iconic undersea character that has been around for decades is not quite immune to cancel culture. According to Paramount+ and Amazon two episodes of the popular series over the fact that one depicts a virus like pandemic and another depicts unwanted advances. The episodes will not be placed back in circulation. This makes Spongebob the latest target of a culture coming to a reckoning with current events.
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Overnight two more violent assaults on Asian-Americans in NYC

Violent crime against Asian-Americans is is soaring to unheard of levels. According to ABC 7, two more violent attacks on elderly Asian-Americans were recorded in New York City last night one in Manhattan and another along the subway line. It is unclear if they were specifically targeted or particularly sought out -- though it is clear they were both hate crimes. Due to the violent nature of the videos, we aren't permitted to show the videos in this newspaper so you'll have to watch them over at ABC. One woman was beaten to a pulp on 43rd street and is in the hospital in critical condition -- while an Asian man was violently beaten on a subway in Brooklyn. The NYPD has dubbed both hate crimes and is actively investigating both of them.
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The White House has confirmed all trade operations with Myanmar have been suspended

Against the backdrop of rising totalitarian aspects of an illegal government, the Biden Administration has hit pause on all doings with the despot government of Myanmar. According to the administration, trade operations and those related have been suspended at least until the return of a fully democratic government. Myanmar was illegally seized by the military in a stunning coup a few months back. "Based on the reporting that I got, an awful lot of people have been killed totally unnecessarily," Biden told reporters Sunday in Delaware as he headed back to Washington.Asked what the US response would be to the reported atrocities, Biden said, "We're working on that now." according to CNN.

Massive manhunt underway amid reports of active shooter in Florida ‘s Everglades National Park

BREAKING NEWS BULLETIN - Floridian officials have confirmed that a massive manhunt is underway amid reports that a long haired white man, 33, is being sought by police. Park officials confirmed on social media that gunshots were detected in the area setting off shelter in place orders. https://twitter.com/evergladesnps/status/1376327085174702081?s=21 'Active shooter incident happening at Everglades NP,' Everglades National Park shared on Twitter. We will have more information on this story as more becomes available.
UK News

UK wants biz to stop allowing people to work from home and bring them back to the office

But many don't appear to be hip to such an idea. Like people across the world many Britons have realised that working from home isn't quite that bad. According to Sky News, Chancellor Sunak has asked employers how do they plan to begin removing the WFH benefit in exchange for in office employment. The answers aren't all that clear. Many people working from home are realising that their jobs can in fact be done from home despite a cranky boss in their face all day. "I'm probably in the camp of saying that it's good that people are in offices together," he said per Sky News. Sunak claims that some will bounce from their employers and go to someone who offers them a desk at work which may or may not be true for some.
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The history of our planet may be in remnants of a planet beneath us — The Hunt For Theia

If you’re a science and space buff you’ve probably heard of the theory of Theia before. Though not widely known by the common person, the Theory of Theia originated amid claims that there is remnants of an ancient planet within planet Earth beneath us. Allegedly according to history, Theia smashed into the earth at one point in time thus creating what would become of the Moon. Though this has not quite been proven to the fullest extent, but, a new study appears to be tackling the hunt for Theia. The study reportedly claims that bouts of rock in the mantle of the earth likely aren’t actually of earth but rather of the mythical planet known as Theia. Theia is actually named after the Goddess Theia a reference to Greek Mythology. Interestingly, the same study goes on to claim...
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