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Ethan Couch ‘s mom is consistently making headlines
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Ethan Couch ‘s mom is consistently making headlines

For her less than stellar behavior and antics in and out of prison. And this time, er, it appears that Couch has actually committed other crimes most didn't know about. According to reports,   this week in Tonya Couch has been the most interesting yet. Reports confirmed that  Tonya Couch is reportedly set to be released tomorrow, per, posting her reduced bond. Furthermore,  details of her time before fleeing to Mexico have now been released. According to the New York Daily News,   Couch allegedly "took $30,000 from the family's bank account and told her husband Fred that he'd never see her nor Ethan again". A Los Angeles Judge ordered couch back to Fort Worth earlier this week,  whereas, a judge lowered her bail from $1m to $75,000.  Tonya, posted the bail Monday night.
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