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The Great Great Fall of Erika Jayne & Tom Girardi

There was no other scantily clad rise to reality T.V fame that was more interesting than that of Erika Jayne and her former husband Tom Girardi. Jayne ‘s fabulous life once depended on that of Girardi, though, several reports indicate that she is now understood to have either bought a new home or may be renting. In newly received photographs, Jayne ‘s former husband Girardi was seen moving out of his $13m pasadena mansion in exchange for what is actually an old folks’ retirement home. Jayne maintains that she has done nothing wrong, though, it was revealed last week that she spent $25m from Girardi ‘s law firm that was not previously known. Bankruptcy attorneys are seizing on that news which surfaced from an American Express credit card statement that she maintains she knew nothi...

T.V star Erika Jayne is not quite out of the water in ex-hubby’s embezzlement scandal

Though she'd like to clear the air Erika Jayne isn't quite out of the water yet. According to People Magazine, the estranged wife of Tom Girardi has been ordered to turn over financial records from her landlord; accountant, and even her own legal team as the fight against Girardi reportedly heats up. As it turns out, Jayne has been targeted by creditors seeking to investigate the bankruptcy motions filed by Girardi. Initially though creditors argued that Jayne was refusing to turn over any information to them and as a result had actually sued her to force here party(s) to help them out. Motions obtained by People Magazine this week confirmed. that Michael Ullman, divorce lawyer Larry Ginsburg and landlord Benjamin Khakshour were all also targeted in the bankruptcy investigation as the...
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